Dodge Durango Liftgate Problems: Causes & Potential Solutions

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The most Common Dodge Durango liftgate problems are the liftgate not opening, no power in the control module, or automatically opening. However, most of these can be solved just by flashing or resetting the software, as these seem to occur due to software glitches in most cases.

What are the common problems with Dodge Durango liftgate? The most common liftgate problem includes not opening or closing the liftgate while using the power button or key fob.

When Dodge Durango liftgate problems happen with your vehicle, the liftgate sticks closed and doesn’t open after pressing the power button or key fob button. The driver and others inside the car would not feel good in this situation.

The below guide will help you find the causes of the issues and their possible solutions that are worth reading on.

We Found 8 Dodge Durango Liftgate Problems

The problem of not closing or opening the liftgate can occur due to its defectiveness. The problems may vary depending on the making year and model of the Dodge Durango.

Here is a table of the problems of Dodge Durango liftgate with their possible solutions for a quick look:

The rear hatch door isn’t openingReplace the  liftgate
Not opening/closing the liftgateFlashing/reprogramming the module
Stuck liftgateRepair/replace the liftgate
Won’t latchReplace the faulty liftgate
Stuck rear liftgateReplacing the liftgate
The door isn’t closingFlashing/reprogramming the module
Stuck the power liftgateReplace the battery
Stuck rear doorFlashing/reprogramming the module

Sticking With The Rear Hatch Door

Getting stuck with the rear hatch door is one of the critical 2006 Dodge Durango power liftgate problems. Typically, the issue happens due to the gas struts that hold the hatch door up when it leaks or is worn out.

The right solution is to replace the liftgate. You can fix it temporarily using a piece of wood to make its right length by using it like a prop that will support the door when you open it.

Not Opening or Closing The Liftgate

When it comes to the 2011 Dodge Durango liftgate problems, the most common one is not opening or closing the liftgate while using the power button. It’s the most noticeable issue in vehicles built between 2010 and 2012.

The issue occurs due to software malfunctions in the control module of the power liftgate. Flashing or reprogramming your module with the latest calibration files can fix the problem effectively.

We already know that not opening or closing the liftgate was the most evident issue on vehicles built in 2010, 2011, and 2012. As a result, it’s one of the 2012 Dodge Durango liftgate problems you may experience with your vehicle.

Similarly, the problem comes out because of software malfunctions. So, reinstalling the latest calibration files is the most effective way to solve this issue.

Stuck Liftgate

The liftgate sticking issue is crucial among the 2013 Dodge Durango liftgate problems. The issue can happen due to a broken locking mechanism that prevents the liftgate from opening and closing by a button press or using a key fob.

You can open the liftgate manually using a Snap-On scanner by bypassing the power liftgate. But, it may happen recurrently after opening or closing. So, the right solution is to repair the broken mechanism or replace the liftgate.

Won’t Latch

One of the most common 2014 Dodge Durango liftgate problems includes won’t latch. If it happens to you, you can open the latch temporarily using a screwdriver. Insert and push the screwdriver in a hole in the latch where it’ll go easily.

If the issue occurs recurrently, you have to replace the liftgate. Replacing the old faulty liftgate with the new one will fix the issue permanently.

Stuck With The Rear Liftgate

The 2015 Dodge Durango liftgate problems include sticking with the rear liftgate. When this issue comes up, the liftgate sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t work. And finally, it permanently stops working that requires fixing.

The problem may vary, including faulty latch assembly, and broken locking mechanism. However, it can be caused due to the misalignment due to the recent common issue- a faulty rear spoiler, as reported by Kelley Blue Book. For these reasons, replacing the liftgate is the best solution than trying to repair it to get the optimum results.

Liftgate Isn’t Closing

If you’re looking for the most common 2016 Dodge Durango liftgate problems, you’ll find the door isn’t closing. If it opens but droops down instantly, the gas strutting is the reason that makes the issue.

When you fail to close the gate, you have only one way to fix the issue: flash the software. So, flash the module with the latest calibration files.

Sticking With The Power

Sticking with the power liftgate is one of the 2017 Dodge Durango liftgate problems that many users have complained about. When this issue occurs, you’ll get an abnormal sound while pressing the button that indicates an issue.

A weak or dead battery can be responsible for the problem that will not open in any way – electronically or manually. In such cases, you can use the emergency liftgate latch release to open it temporarily. Replacing the dead or weak battery is the right solution for the best outcome.

Stuck Rear Door

The most common 2019 Dodge Durango liftgate problems include a stuck rear door that remains unopened after pressing the power button. Malfunctioning the liftgate software can trigger this issue.

You can also temporarily fix it by using the emergency liftgate latch release option. Indeed, it requires flashing with the latest calibration files to get the permanent solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Does My Power Liftgate Isn’t Working?

Some reasons are responsible for the issues of the power liftgate, including defective liftgate, broken mechanism, and weak or dead battery. These problems can lead your Dodge Durango isn’t open or close the liftgate.

Can I Open My Power Liftgate Manually?

Yes, you can open the liftgate manually by pushing it up to the highest open position. You can do it after programming at a low height than entirely open the power liftgate.

How Can I Turn The Power Liftgate Back On?

You can open the liftgate with the key fob by approaching it to the liftgate. When you are about six feet to your vehicle’s back, it’ll automatically turn on the logo projection. Now, kick over the logo that will open the rear liftgate with a flashlight and chime sound.


The most common Dodge Durango liftgate problems include not opening or closing the liftgate while using the power button or key fob. Also, there are other problems like sticking the rear door, rear liftgate, latch, and rear hatch door.

Many reasons can be responsible for these issues, such as faulty liftgate, broken mechanism, and weak/dead battery. It’s wise to find the reasons for these problems with the liftgate and fix them without causing a delay.

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