Dodge Charger USB Port Not Working? Fix Now!

Why does the Dodge Charger USB port not working? The most common reason for the issue is a damaged fuse in the cabin interior’s fuel panel.

It’s one of the regular scenery for the Dodge Charger because of the USB port’s frequent use. Aside from the fuse, there are some more reasons related to the USB port not working that are worth knowing. Let’s know what they are.

Dodge Charger USB Port Not Working

We already learned the most common reason for the USB port not working issue. When you have checked the fuse, look at the pins of the receptacle port as they become bending easily and stop working.

Also, the issue may happen due to a loose connection of the port’s console that makes it short or disconnected. Another rear reason why USB charger not working is the control unit of the engine itself can stop finding the USB port.

Here is a table of the reasons and the potential solutions when USB not working Dodge Charger:

Damaged fuseReplace the fuse
Loose connectionTighten the connection
Debris/dustClean them
Damaged USB portReplace the USB port
Damaged USB CableReplace the USB cord
Faulty USB consoleRepair/replace
Vehicle is powered offStart the engine
Port with low voltage Replace the USB port

Damaged Fuse

Damaging of the Dodge Charger USB port fuse happens most frequently, which triggers to stop working of the USB port. Checking the fuse is a simple way to find the reason out.

The fuse locates in the fuel panel of the cabin interior. So, you can fix the issue by opening the fuel cabin interior and replacing the damaged fuse.

Loose Connection

The 2019 Dodge Charger USB port not working may occur due to the loose connection. The USB cable connection can be loose for many reasons like loose fitting, vibration, etc.

No matter why the loose connection happens, it would be best if you tightened it to prevent the issue. Locating the USB port and tightening it will help it work properly.


The issue of the 2014 Dodge Charger USB port not working sometimes happens because of dust, debris, or food particles. When you keep your USB port open, these things can make a layer on it. And then it doesn’t work correctly.

Cleaning the debris or dust is easy to make the USB port workable. If it doesn’t work after cleaning, you may need to replace the port.

Damaged USB Port

After fixing the loose connection, damaged fuse, and cleaning debris, you can still find the 2016 Dodge Charger USB port not working because of the damaged USB port. The whole console will malfunction when the USB port is not working.

If the USB port of your Dodge Charger stops working, you can fix it on your own. Check the port first and if you find it out of work, repair it or replace it if it’s not repairable. 

Damaged USB Cable

If the issue of the 2012 Dodge Charger USB port not working happens, it can indicate the damaged USB cable. When the above-said reasons for this issue are not available, it’s good to think that the USB cable of the port has been damaged.

If a damaged USB cable is the reason for the issue, you can fix it using the moldable glue formula. When this fix doesn’t work, you should consider replacing the old USB cable with the new one. It’ll also prevent potential damages.

Faulty USB Console

For the 2020 Dodge Charger USB port not working, the entire USB console may be responsible in some cases. Any problem with your USB console can malfunction, and the USB port may stop working.  

Sometimes the USB console is complicated, and it’s almost impossible to fix your own. So, bringing your vehicle to an expert mechanic is ideal for the best result.

The Vehicle Is Powered Off

Apart from the above reasons, the 2018 Dodge Charger USB port not working issue can happen if you try to work with the USB port while it’s powered off. It may sometimes happen when you forget to switch your vehicle on.

If you find your car is organized all the ways, check the power button and switch it on if it’s switched off. Also, the issue of the 2017 Charger USB port not working may happen if you keep your car idle for a long time. So, drive your car for a while to fix the issue.

Port With Low Voltage

When you plugin and face the 2018 Charger USB port not working issue, it may be the reason for low voltage in the USB port. If you’re using the USB port for high-end devices, you must ensure the right amount of voltage for them.

To fix this, you should replace the low-voltage USB port with the high-voltage one. As it’s a little complicated matter, it’s best to discuss the issue with an expert mechanic. They’ll help you with the right solution.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Does My USB Charger Stop Working In Car?

Failing in the software or hardware could be the reason that your car stops working. Despite the useful and powerful features of cars, they’re prone to get particles of food, debris, and dust inside as they remain open.

Where Does The USB Port On A 2021 Dodge Charger Locate?

The USB port on your 2021 Dodge Charger locates in the fuel panel on the cabin interior. As a damaged fuse is a common reason for stopping working for the Dodge Charger USB port, it’s vital to know the location to fix the issue.

How Can I Identify If The Dodge Charger USB Port Is Damaged?

Some signs help to identify the damaged USB port of the Dodge Charger. These include damaged fuse, loose connection, debris/dust, damaged USB cable, etc.  


The issue of the Dodge Charger USB port not working can happen for many reasons. A damaged fuse is one of the most common reasons for this issue that requires fixing as soon as possible.

Also, there is the possibility of compatibility of the device you’re trying to use with the USB port of the Dodge Charger. You must visit your nearby automotive shop or an expert mechanic to solve the issue if it’s a compatibility issue.

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