Dodge Charger Trunk Won’t Open: Why And How To Fix It

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If your Dodge Charger trunk is not opening, the cause can be a dead key fob battery or a faulty key fob. So, at first, checking these can help. However, sometimes spraying some WD-40 on the trunk latch solves it within minutes.

Dodge Chargers are known for their sleek design and powerful engines. But what about their trunks? Why won’t they open? There could be a few reasons. Maybe the child safety lock is activated. Another possibility is that the trunk is obstructed. No matter the cause, it is annoying to be unable to access your trunk.

In this piece, we’ll investigate the possible reasons why your Dodge Charger trunk won’t open. In addition, we’ll provide some suggestions for resolving the issue.

Why Dodge Charger Trunk Won’t Open- Know the Reasons & Solutions

If you own a Dodge Charger, you may have experienced the frustration of trying to open the trunk, only to find that it won’t budge. This has a few possible causes and simple fixes. Here are 10 possible reasons why your Dodge Charger trunk does not open, and what you can do about it:

Probable ReasonsPossible Solution
Key fob battery deadReplace the key fob battery
Lift gate struts worn outReplace the lift gate struts
Latch dirty or jammedClean the latch. If necessary, replace it
Trunk release button brokenReplace the trunk release button
Fuse blownCheck and change the fuse
Motor damagedReplace the motor with a new one
Switch brokenReplace or repair the switch
Damaged or faulty wiringReplace or repair it.
Damaged solenoidCheck and change the solenoid
Weather-stripping does not allowTry using a hairdryer
Child Safety Lock EngagedSwitch it off

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of the abovementioned problems and potential solutions.

1. Key Fob Battery Dead

If you have a Dodge Charger, you may have experienced the issue where your trunk will not open even though your key fob battery is dead. It’s a frequent issue that’s easy to remedy. There are two primary explanations for why this takes place.

The first reason is that the key fob’s battery is still functional. So when the charge in the key fob is running low, the signal it transmits may become less potent. This can make it seem like the key fob is not working when it just needs a new battery.

And the second explanation is that other devices besides the key fob can open the trunk. There is also a switch inside the car that can open the trunk. Usually, this switch you will find near the driver’s seat. If your key fob battery is truly dead, the trunk won’t open. This is because the car needs the key fob to be within a specific range in order to open the trunk. It won’t operate unless you replace the battery in your key fob.

2. Lift Gate Struts Worn Out

The Dodge Charger is a smart car, and many people own it. One of the most common problems these car owners face is that the trunk won’t open due to the lift gate struts being worn out. The liftgate struts hold the trunk lid in place, so the lid can no longer stay up when they wear out. While this can be highly annoying, it’s not impossible to fix.

So, the initial step is to attempt to modify the struts. Sometimes, you need to change the tension on the mounts, and they will start working again. If this doesn’t work, you can try lubricating the struts with WD-40 or another lubricant. You might have to install new mounts if none of these solutions works.

3. Latch Dirty Or Jammed

If your Dodge Charger trunk doesn’t open, it may be due to the latch being dirty or jammed. The trunk portion, the latch, is responsible for opening and closing the trunk. A dirty latch may make it challenging to allow movement. The latch may become stuck, preventing it from opening or closing correctly.

The trunk latch is inside the trunk; over time, it can become dirty or jammed with debris. This can prevent the latch from opening correctly, so the trunk won’t open.

If this is the case, you’ll need to clean or replace the trunk latch to get the trunk to open. Alternatively, you can fix the problem by cleaning or lubricating the latch. As you see, we found one of the mechanics from Just Answer suggesting spraying WD-40 to clean or lubricate the trunk latch.

However, if the problem persists, you may need to replace the latch.

4. Trunk Release Button Broken

If your trunk release button is broken, you may wonder why your Dodge Charger trunk doesvnot open. The answer is quite simple – the trunk release button is responsible for releasing the latch that allows the trunk to be opened. Without this button, the trunk cannot be opened.

Many options exist for resolving this problem, such as-

  • One option is to replace the broken button with a new one.
  • Another option is bypassing the button by opening the trunk from the inside.

Either way, once you have the trunk open, you can then proceed to fix the broken button or bypass it altogether.

5. Motor Damaged

If you are having trouble opening your Dodge Charger’s trunk, and the battery and key fob is okay then it may be due to damage to the motor.

If the motor is damaged, it may prevent the trunk from opening. There are several solutions to this issue. However, replacing the motor is by far the most prevalent solution. You can find replacement motors for your Dodge Charger online or at a local auto parts store.

6. Fuse Blown

If your Dodge Charger trunk won’t open, it’s most likely due to a blown fuse. You can check the fuse box for the blown fuse. If you find it, you’ll need to replace it with a new one.

You’ll need to check the fuse box for a blown fuse to troubleshoot this issue fuse. Go for the fuse box. Once you’ve found the fuse box, check for a blown fuse by looking for a broken wire or a burned-out fuse.

Start by replacing any blown fuses with new ones to see whether the issue is resolved. If not, you may need to check the trunk latch itself for damage or faulty wiring.

7. Damaged Wiring

Nothing happens when you press the button to open the trunk of your Dodge Charger. This is due to a wiring problem preventing the trunk open switch from working.

To troubleshoot this problem, you will need to check the wiring that goes from the trunk open switch to the trunk release solenoid. If the wire gets faulty, it needs to be replaced.

8. Switch Broken

If you have a Dodge Charger and the trunk won’t open, it may be due to a broken switch. You have a few options to solve to this issue.

  • First, determine whether the switch is faulty. You can also do this by testing it with a multimeter if the wiring to the switch is damaged. You can check for continuity between the switch and the trunk release. If the switch is broken or malfunctioning, you must consider replacing it.
  • Next, check to see if the power supply to the switch is working. If the voltage is incorrect, you’ll need to check the fuse box and ensure the switch’s fuse is not blown.

9. Damaged Trunk Lock/Unlock Solenoid

The solenoid is responsible for activating the trunk release mechanism, so if it’s damaged, the trunk won’t be able to open.

There are a few ways to troubleshoot a damaged solenoid. First, try manually opening the trunk. If the solenoid is the cause, you can open the trunk manually. If the trunk still doesn’t open, the solenoid may be damaged beyond repair, and you’ll need to replace it.

Another way to troubleshoot a damaged solenoid is to test the battery. No power to the solenoid means no power to any of your devices. Either the battery has to be charged, or it should be replaced with a new one.

One of the Dodge Charger users suggested a solution for such an issue in Challenger Forumz, which might work for your case. He said to tap on the trunk release button on the key fob two times very fast (can be within 5 seconds). And it might open the trunk.

However, if nothing happens yet, it’s time for solenoid inspection. Putting the solenoid through its paces on a multimeter is another strategy for diagnosing and fixing this issue. If the solenoid is damaged, the multimeter will show zero readings.

10. Weather Stripping Does Not Allow

If you own a Dodge Charger, you may have noticed that the trunk won’t open during cold weather. This is because the weather stripping on the trunk lid is designed to seal the trunk tightly to keep the elements out. However, this can also cause the trunk to become jammed shut.

The metal wires could be causing the heat to dissipate too quickly, causing the heat to shrink the plastic around it. You can also try opening the trunk with a towel or a piece of cloth to prevent the heat from dissipating too quickly.

To troubleshoot, try using a hairdryer to heat the weather stripping. Softening the material this way makes it much easier to get into the trunk.

If that doesn’t work, use a putty knife or a flathead screwdriver to pry the weather, stripping away from the trunk lid gently. Once you’ve created a small opening, you should be able to open the trunk.

11. Child Safety Lock Engaged

This is a common cause of trunks not opening on Dodge Chargers. Child safety locks prevent the trunk from being opened if they are deactivated. As a safety measure, an adult can only open the trunk.

In order to diagnose this, look to verify if the child safety lock is activated. To accomplish this, find the child safety lock switch and move it so that it is in the “OFF” position. Once the switch is in the “OFF” position, the trunk should open. Another issue may be at play if the trunk still does not open.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you open the trunk on a Dodge Charger manually?

To open the trunk manually on a Dodge Charger, start by opening the back seat and folding it down. Then, reach into the trunk and locate the manual release handle. This is usually a small lever or knob near the trunk latch. You only need to pull the manual release handle to unlock the trunk after discovering it.

What do I do if my trunk won’t open?

First, check to see if the trunk release button inside the car is working. If this is the case, the trunk latch could be the root of the problem. WD-40 can be sprayed on the latch to assess its effectiveness. If the button isn’t working or the WD-40 doesn’t help, the problem may be with the electrical system. Examine to check if the fuse that controls the trunk release has blown out. If that is the case, you will need a new one. If the fuse isn’t the issue, you may need to take your car to a mechanic to check it out.

How do you manually open the trunk in a 2015 Dodge Charger?

The 2015 Dodge Charger does not have an exterior trunk release button. To access the trunk, you must either use the key fob or press the button inside the vehicle. The button is usually near the door handle or on the center console. After finding the button, you can open the trunk by tapping it and holding it down for a moment. It’s possible that the button won’t work, so you’ll have to use the key fob to open the trunk. To open the truck using the key fob, press and hold the trunk unlock button for three seconds. The trunk will automatically unlock and open.


A Dodge Charger is a terrific option for those seeking a sleek and potent automobile. Several owners have expressed dissatisfaction with the trunk not open issue. There are several significant and minor concerns with it that people have to deal with. However, you may encounter the cause of these Dodge Charger trunk won’t open issues.

We sincerely hope this article has been sufficient for you to identify the causes and now easily you can take steps to fix them. If you’re having trouble with your Dodge Charger trunk, ensure which problem you’re facing and try to fix the problem.

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