Dodge Charger Tow Hook Location- Our Experts Find 3 Common Locations for All!

Where is the tow hook on Dodge Charger? The tow hook location is at the front part or in the back part of the Dodge Charger. 

Sometimes the location varies on different models that are published in different years. But they are generally located between the front and back of the car and the front wheels.

If you want to know the location of the tow hook for different kinds of Dodge Chargers, you are at the right place. You need to read the full article on Dodge Charger tow hook location.

Additionally, we will also inform you how you can find the tow hook on a brand new Dodge Charger to set the tow hook.

So! Without any further due, let’s get started.

Dodge Charger Tow Hook Location 

We already gave you the basic information on the Dodge Charger tow hook location. Now in this subheading, you will get to know the details.

The 3 common locations of Dodge Charger tow hooks are used for various models.

First Type

This is the most common location of the tow hook of your Dodge Charger. Here the tow hook is placed at the center of the front part.

But this is not preferable for the one with a center sensor because if you place the tow hook on the center of the centered sensor Dodge, the sensor will fail.

Most of the 2008 Dodge Charger tow hook locations are in the center. But have to be aware that the sensor is not in the center.

The centered tow hook is also applicable for the 2018 Dodge Charger tow hook location. This can go with the other models too.

Second Type

In the second type, the tow hook is also located in the front but not at the center. Here the tow hook is a little bit right-sided from the center.

We can find this type of tow hook for the 2020 Dodge Charger tow hook location. But other models also have the setting of the second type of tow hook location.

For the center sensor 2021 Dodge Charger, you can use this special type of location of 2021 Dodge Charger tow hook location.

Third Type

This is a unique location. In this sector, the tow hook is in the back portion of the car. This type of tow hook location is used rarely.

Moreover, before setting the tow hook, you will find the tow hook at the place of the spare tire. To find out the tow hook easily, you have to open the deck of the car on the back side of the Dodge.

Then pull the cover, and you will find the spare tire and a tow hook kit box. The tow hook should remain in the kit box. If not, then it should be beside the spare tire.

Our Recommendation

After our research, we will recommend the first location for the Dodge Charger rear tow hook. The reason for the recommendation is that our expert says,

“It creates a unique and attractive look.”

But for the center sensor Dodge, we will recommend you to place the tow hook at the slightly right side of the Dodge.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I find the tow hook on my car?

Finding the tow hook on the car is not so difficult. You can find the tow hook in the back portion of your car at the place of the spare tire in the tow hook kit box. Sometimes it can remain beside the tow hook kit box. It can vary for different models. For more details, you should read the whole article carefully.

Can you tow a Dodge Charger?

Yes, you can tow a Dodge Charger. The towing capacity of a Dodge Charger is different from a different generation car. The most recent generation Dodge Charger’s towing capacity is 1000 lbs. But some models are capable of providing 2000-lb towing power.

Does a Dodge Charger have a hitch?

Yes, a Dodge Charger has a hitch. But it is not available for all the models. It is only a feature of these Dodge Chargers, which are published between 2011 to 2014. And for other models, you need a third-party manufacturer for hitches.


There is no specific information about the Dodge Charger tow hook location on the site. So we try to give a specific and beneficial location of the tow hook.

We hope the information will be very advantageous for you to set the tow hook. Follow us to know informative content like this. 

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