Dodge Charger PCM Problems: 5 Problems You Might Encounter

What are the common problems with Dodge Charger PCM? One of the most common problems most people face is shuddering while shifting. Asides from this, there are other Dodge Charger PCM problems as well.

If you are using a Dodge Charger, you are likely to encounter problems due to its PCM. Today we will discuss all the Dodge Charger PCM problems and the possible symptoms you might encounter.

Dodge Charger PCM Problems: Possible Problems and Symptoms

At first, check out all the problems at a glance-

Car Not StartingImbalanced Ratio of Fuel to Air
Emission Test FailureFaulty PCM or ECM
Mileage IssueFaulty TCM or ECM
Poor TransmissionPCM Failure
Erratic ShiftingDamaged Circuits in PCM

Most Dodge Charger owner faces a problem with the PCM at one point. You can detect a PCM issue if you notice the symptoms above. These are mainly the Dodge Charger electrical problems. Because the PCM is connected to the electrical circuit inside the car, the issues are primarily electrical.

Car Not Starting

Among various 2006 Dodge Charger PCM problems, one of the most common problems is when the vehicle does not start. The problem may arise due to other components as well. But if you follow the chain, it will ultimately lead to the PCM. It’s a case of PCM failure if the car does not start. It can also occur to various other PCM issues as well. Furthermore, it also leads to an ECM issue.

Other problems include bad engine timing and an imbalance in fuel and air ratio. All of these lead to your car not starting. However, don’t panic; a 2006 Dodge Charger PCM reset can simply fix the problem. Otherwise, you can replace the entire PCM system. So, the 2006 Dodge Charger PCM problems include engine failure that you can fix with simple replacement or reset.

Emission Test Failure

The ECM (Engine Control Module) And PCM (Powertrain Control Modules) of your car control the fuel and air ratio. Therefore, if the mixture has too much power compared to air, the combustion won’t fully occur. Also, it will put out carbon monoxide and particles rather than the engine running correctly. It is one of the most 2010 Dodge Charger PCM problems.

If the mixture issue occurs, it leads to failed emission test. It occurs when the PCM or ECM of the car dies.

According to the site SoloAutoElectronics, if it’s a PCM or ECM failure, it’s good news. Because replacing your PCM is much more inexpensive than getting a catalytic converter. Among other 2010 Dodge Charger PCM problems, you will most likely encounter emission test failure.

Mileage Issue

PCM controls the fuel-to-air ratio of your vehicle. Furthermore, it also contains the gear shifting. From various 2008 Dodge Charger PCM problems, the mileage issue is well-known. It mostly happens when the ECM and TCM of the car become faulty. Without ECM and TCM functioning properly, the car’s PCM won’t work either. Hence, you will notice your gas mileage is suffering badly.

Well, there are other reasons besides a PCM failure as well. But 2013 Dodge Charger PCM problems are the major among several other issues. Replacing the ECM and TCM will fix the problem. But if it’s not those, there will likely be a leak somewhere. Take your Charger to the mechanic for a better fixing result.

Poor Transmission

Facing poor transmission is one of the many 2007 Dodge Charger PCM problems. The PCM failure often leads to poor transmission. This issue is reported by various owners of a 2007 and 2012 Dodge Charger. A few rounds of software updates may fix the problem. However, many people still face the case despite the software update.

For the Dodge 2012, a simple 2012 Dodge Charger PCM reset may fix the problem. Yet, a reset might not be enough for some. For this, you may have to replace the PCM, which will most likely improve the poor transmission in your vehicle. But if replacing the PCM does not work, you have to check other components causing the issue in your car.

Erratic Shifting

At times, the circuit in your PCM may receive various kinds of damage. If the course gets enough damage, your Dodge charge 2006 will shift erratically. Asides from the car not starting, the 2006 Dodge Charger RT PCM problems include erratic movement. It’s one of the gravest problems of using a Dodge Charger. The damage occurs when water enters the PCM, damaging the sensor and the circuit.

If you see that your vehicle’s automatic transmission isn’t shifting correctly, we recommend you go to a mechanic as soon as possible. The car’s gear can get stuck due to the failed PCM, leading to severe transmission damage.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a PCM on a Dodge Charger?

PCM means powertrain control modules. It’s essentially the brain of a Dodge Charger. The PCM manages transmission, engines, and other systems.

Do Dodge Chargers have a lot of problems?

Dodge Chargers are good quality cars, but yes, there is a chance you might encounter problems. The problems often relate to the PCM of the vehicle.

How to unlock Dodge Charger PCM?

To unlock the Dodge Charger PCM, you have to get a tuner. After getting the respective tuner, disconnect the battery and remove the PCM. Install the tuner with the PCM, and your PCM is now unlocked.

How much is a PCM for Dodge Charger?

A PCM for a Dodge Charger costs around $827 to $887, depending on where you purchase the PCM.


Being an owner of a Dodge Charger will ensure you encounter a PCM problem at least once. Various symptoms will arise when your PCM gets faulty or damaged.

In the above, we discussed all of the possible Dodge Charger PCM problems. Furthermore, we included some quick steps you can adopt if you encounter any of the problems above.

Usually, in case of a PCM problem, replacing it is the easiest solution. However, you can fix the PCM with minor tweaks. Otherwise, you can also go to the mechanic if the problem is severe.

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