Where Exactly Is The Dodge Charger Jack Stand Locations?

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Where is the jack stand on the Dodge Charger? Usually, there are 4 jacking points, and they are beneath your Dodge Charger behind the front wheel and in front of the rear wheel.

Owning a car needs different types of DIY repairs. Sometimes your Dodge Charger may need to lift from the ground by yourself. You need to find the exact Dodge Charger jack stand location for safe lifting.

Well, the point is, where precisely are the Dodge Charger jack stands placed? in this article, we will show you and make this easy for you to locate. So, let’s find it.

How To Find the Dodge Charger Jack Points?

Almost all the Dodge Charger jack points are nearly the same. Let’s discuss it step by step so that you can easily find it.

  1. Well, first look under the door panel; there is a rocker panel.
  2. Underneath the rocker panel, you will see the joint of the rocker panel and the floor panel.
  3. Where the rocker panel and the floor panel come together. These are called pinch welds. Like every Dodge Charger in 2008, Dodge Charger jack points are placed in pinch welds (almost seven inches from the edge of the rear end and eight and a half inches from the front end). And this is the most durable part of the car because it is designed to hold -the car’s weight.
  4. In this place, you will see notches. It is the jack spot. You can keep your jack stand here and lift your car. The car sits firmly at these spots. Usually, scissors jack stands are used in this spot. These spots are used for roadside tire changing.


  • In the floor panel beside of rocker panel, there are some pocket-type spots. This is called garaged floor jacking point. Dodge Charger hellcat jack points are just like these garage floor jacking points. At this point, you can put the jack stand and reinforce it to lift the car without damaging it.
  • 2014 Dodge Chargers have rubber blocks mounted towards the rear; you can use those as jacking spots. You can also try to use the frame rails or subframes. The 2014 Dodge Charger jack stand location is these rubber blocks.

Get Help From Manual

If you are still confused, check your owner’s manual of the Dodger Charger. There are details in the manual with pictures of the actual location of the jack point. The pictures show the jacking points placed in the pinch weld just behind the front wheels and ahead of the rear wheels. The notches will help you identify clearly.

What Is The Dodge Charger Jack Stand Locations?

If you don’t know let’s help you understand what a jack spot or jacking point is?

Sometimes vehicles need to be lifted, especially when you get a flat tire. So, if you want to change the tire by yourself, you may need to raise the car.

A jack stand is a factory tool that helps to lift the car by releasing hydraulic pressure. So, the jacking point is where you will place the jack stand to lift your vehicle safely.

In short, the safe lifting points are called jacking points or jack locations. If you need, check the Dodge Charger starter location for different year models.

Why Is Identifying The Proper Jack Spot Essential?

Many people often damage their cars while jacking. So, you need to find the right spot of the vehicle for jacking. Every location is not strong enough to hold the total weight of both engine and transmission. The Dodge can Slip off a jack when tires are being changed. Even the body beneath can become deformed during jack use. The aluminum rocker can bend.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to put Dodge Charger on jack stands?

There are two jack spots in each pinch weld. One is behind the front wheel another one is ahead of the rear wheel on both sides. You will see notches to identify the 2019 Dodge Charger jack stand location. So put your jack stand in the notches and lift it. These spots are used for roadside tire changing with a scissor jack.

Where to jack up a Dodge Charger?

The Dodge Charger jack stand location is in the pinch welds. You will see notches or marks to identify it. You can use the factory scissor jack for jack in pinch welds. These spots are used for roadside tire changing.

Final Word

Hope you have found your Dodge Charger jack stand location in the pinch welds. This is a reinforced metal rib placed under the car’s rocker panel. These are the most durable part of the car.

There are notches to identify the exact points. Use a stock scissor jack for the best result.

You can’t put your jack stand anywhere and lift it because it’s hazardous, the car can be damaged, and people might get hurt.

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