Dodge Charger Control Arm Problems: How Severe Are They?

What are the common problems with Dodge Charger control arms? The most common is the worn-out ball joints that cause your vehicle to vibrate and produce clunking noise.

Besides, numerous riders have faced various Dodge Charger control arm problems while driving. For example, some have encountered broken control arms, and others had issues with torn bushings. 

So, it’s evident that Dodge Chargers have several control arm problems, which we have described briefly in this article. You may continue reading this blog post if you want detailed information about these issues.

Dodge Charger Control Arm Problems: Let’s Dive Deep Inside Those Problems

Many Dodge Charger riders often encounter issues like clunking noise, vibration, or even losing control while driving slowly over small bumps.

After undergoing such troubles, riders wonder why is my Dodge Charger shaking? What are the possible reasons for this kind of mess?

Your car primarily creates annoying noise when its control arms get damaged. Sometimes it can be the lower control arm causing the lower control arm clunking sound.

Other times it can be the worn-out ball joint creating those noises or letting you lose control over your car. That stated, below, in this article, we have talked about some significant control arm problems for Dodge Chargers.

Not only that, but we have also discussed the fixes to help you get out of the problem in no time. So, let’s read, but before that, it will be better if you take a look at the table containing all the possible issues and causes below.

Loosened BoltRusty Bolt, Faulty Installation
Worn Out Ball JointRust, Lack Of Maintenance
Torn Control Arm BushingsHarsh Driving, Using Plus-Sized Tires
Damaged Control ArmsMalfunctioned Gear Installation, Car Accidents

Loosened Bolt

One of the Dodge Charger’s most common control arm problems is the loosened bolts. Sometimes you may find your car making an unusual noise or notice the tire is suddenly wearing out.

Anyway, this situation occurs when the lower arm’s nuts get loosened, and loosened bolts can make your vehicle wheels get logged in, causing you to lose control.

So, after figuring out the root of the problem, you can fix it in minutes. You need to tighten the control arm nuts, and you are good to go.

Worn Out Ball Joint

Another common problem in Dodge Charger control arms is the worn-out ball joint. The vehicle’s wheel can separate from suspension whenever those ball joints wear out.

Besides, the car can wobble and constantly shake, making you lose control. Basically, after enjoying certain kilometers of drive, the control arm’s ball joints tend to wear out.

And to fix them up, you have nothing to do except replace the ball joints. So, the point here is to take your car to a workshop and get it diagnosed by a professional mechanic to solve the problem.

Torn Control Arm Bushings

Numerous riders have complained about the torn control arm bushings in the Dodge Charger community. One user from Carproblemzoo said,

“I have a 2013 Dodge Charger v6. At around 45 kilo miles, I noticed a wobbly sound coming from the front end of my car when driving straight at a slow speed. The car didn’t feel or drive wobbly; it just sounded wobbly.”

So, you can see that when your Dodge Charger has worn out or torn control arm bushings, you might hear some clunking or popping noise while driving or accelerating and decelerating.

In some cases, faulty control arm bushings can lead to loss of steering control, premature tire wear, and so on.

Hence, to address the issue, you can bring your vehicle to a nearby repair shop if you don’t know how to check a lower control arm and fix it. The skilled mechanic will take care of the problem for you.

Broken Or Damaged Control Arms

A broken or damaged control arm is a life-threatening problem that no riders would ever dare to face while driving at a blistering speed. Usually, this problem arises due to a lack of maintenance or car accidents.

When it occurs, you can lose control over your vehicle, and the car will veer violently from side to side. Hence, we recommend maintaining control arms regularly and visiting a repair shop at least once a month to avoid this danger.

Jammed Ball Joint

A jammed ball joint is the last problem that annoys many riders while riding the car on varied roads. Those ball joints get jammed because of the dirt or debris that often makes its way to the ball joints when they grind against surfaces.

Whenever this problem occurs, your vehicle creates disturbing noise and sometimes may shake. However, you can fix it quickly with regular cleaning and applying grease.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Happens When A Control Arm Goes Out?

Several things can happen when a control arm goes out. Such as, your vehicle can produce clunking sound, vibrate constantly, and even you can lose control over your car.

How Do You Know If Your Control Arm Is Damaged?

There are a couple of symptoms you can look for to be sure whether your car’s control arm is damaged or not. For example, it will create disturbing noise, pull to one side automatically, vibrate while driving, wear down tires, and more.

What Does A Failing Control Arm Sound Like?

Mostly, it will sound clunking, and a failing control arm will frequently produce this noise while driving over small bumps, accelerating, or decelerating.

Can I Drive With A Damaged Control Arm?

Yes, you can drive with a damaged control arm for about a week but not more than that. If you do, you will put yourself in danger as the suspension can break anytime, causing you to face car accidents.

Do I Need An Alignment After Replacing Control Arms?

It’s not necessary, but it will be better if you check the alignment after replacing the control arms. By inspecting the alignment, you can ensure everything is alright and stay tension-free on the road.


Literally, every Dodge Charger rider has faced control arm problems at least once in their riding journey, and they know how annoying and fearsome these problems can be.

However, with regular maintenance, anyone can keep Dodge Charger control arm problems at bay. That said, you should accomplish the car maintenance chore regularly and visit the workshop at least once a month to avoid any control arm-related hassle. So, that’s all for this article; we will catch you with the next one.

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