Dodge Challenger Steering Wheel Swap: Things You Should Know

Do you know what type of steering wheel you need for your Dodge Challenger? You can use the stock steering wheels of other model years of Dodge Challenger because of the similar steering columns and connecting bolts.

However, the stock steering wheels may not seem fashionable and attractive when paired with a bold American muscle car like the newer Dodge Challenger models. Doing a Dodge Challenger steering wheel swap with an aesthetic one will improve your vehicle’s appearance and the driving experience.

This article will inform you all about the compatibility criteria for swapping the steering wheel in your Dodge Challenger with effectiveness.

Dodge Challenger Steering Wheel Swap

We all know the steering wheel is one of the most popular aftermarket modifications you may make to your Dodge Challenger because some aftermarket steering wheels are usually good in fitting and lower in area.

The major part is it can improve your driving experience by allowing for smoother steering and control. Nevertheless, it has some drawbacks, including losing many standard steering wheel capabilities.

Swapping with a very old steering wheel will cause losing audio volume, cruise control, and airbag features. If you want to switch your steering wheel, you have two options.

These are either going to a reputable workshop and getting it done for you or replacing it yourself. However, steering wheel swapping is a very straightforward process, and replacing it yourself would save you a lot of money.

Things To Consider Before Swapping Steering Wheels

You cannot just put any steering wheels in your Dodge Challenger and expect it to fit and work perfectly. There are lots of factors that should be taken into account before initiating the Dodge Challenger steering wheel interchange procedure.

Steering Column

The steering column connects the steering wheel to the vehicle’s drive train. When a driver twists the steering wheel, the torque power is transferred to the drive shaft and pinion by the steering column.

It is a major issue while swapping a stock steering wheel. For example, you cannot put a Toyota steering wheel on your Dodge having a different steering column.

Steering Wheel Bolts

The bolts connect and hold the steering wheel with the column. Each bolt used requires replacement every time you take out your steering wheel. However, most automobile companies use a universal bolt, but sometimes the bolt torque differs within vehicular models.

Electronics And Airbags

The latest Dodge Challenger models have many electronic control systems embedded within the steering wheel. Besides, the central airbag system is also present in the steering wheel.

Before swapping, you must ensure that the new steering wheel can perfectly accommodate all these systems. Otherwise, you will be deprived of using a lot of features.

Moreover, modifying a steering wheel without an airbag is illegal and unsafe for the drivers.

Dodge Challenger Steering Wheel Compatibility Chart

Currently, four generations of Dodge Challenger model years are active. It is important to look at the years of Dodge Challenger to confirm the interchangeability of the vehicle.

Dodge Challenger GenerationsInterchangeable (Steering wheels) Years
First Generation1969-1974
Second Generation2007-2010
Third Generation2010-2015
Fourth Generation2015-Present

You can swap the steering wheels of Dodge Challenger residing within the same generation. For example, if you possess a 2009 Dodge Challenger, you can replace the steering wheels with the 2007 or 2010 steering wheels.

Cross-generation steering wheel swap is also possible. But before doing that, you must ensure that the electronic wiring harness and airbags are compatible with your Dodge Challenger.

A 2013 Dodge Challenger steering wheel upgrade is impossible with a 1974 one. Because, in the older models, there was no remote control, cruise control, or audio control system integrated within the steering wheels.

However, you will get some aftermarket steering wheels, such as Mopar, Sparco, etc., compatible with your Dodge Challenger. These brands also produce high-quality Dodge Challenger carbon fiber steering wheels.

Cross Brand Steering Wheel Swap

Most latest models of automobiles from different companies, such as Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge, etc., use a universal steering column with identical steering wheel grooves.

It makes it easier to swap steering wheels within different cars of different brands. But it is better to double-check all the compatibility criteria before initiating the swap.

Crucial Things While Changing A Steering Wheel

  • Always discard the older steering wheel bolt. You must use a new bolt to install a new steering wheel to your Dodge Challenger.
  • Use a new bolt compatible with your steering wheel’s bolt torque. For Dodge Challenger, a 63 ft-lbs.
  • Ensure the new steering wheel has space for installing the different sets of control buttons, an airbag, horn, etc.
  • Lastly, the groove of the steering column must align perfectly with the new steering wheel. You should not put pressure or hammer it to place the steering wheel inside.

Steering Wheel Swap Expense

To swap a steering wheel, you need to pay a reasonable amount if you buy a new steering wheel. The price of a new steering wheel depends entirely upon the seller and aftermarket brands.

It can cost more than a thousand dollars if it has carbon fiber lining and updated electrical features like an OBD-2 display. The swapping procedure is simple, and you can do it in your home garage.

All you need is basic tools such as a torque wrench, Allen key, and a flat head screwdriver. Doing the swap yourself will save a decent amount of money from being paid in the workshop.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I modify my steering wheel?

You can modify your steering wheel by installing a new aftermarket one and replacing the older steering wheel. Besides, you can swap from a different car of similar model and compatibility.

What is the size of a Dodge Challenger steering wheel?

The steering wheel of the latest Dodge Challenger measures 15″ X 4 1/2″ (wheel radius is 7.5″ and circumference of the wheel grip is 4 1/2″). However, you may find 15 1/4″ X 4 1/4″ size in some earlier models, as well.

Can you retrofit a steering wheel?

It is possible to retrofit a steering wheel in different steering columns by adding additional modifications. However, doing a retrofit may degrade the driving experience of the vehicle.

Can you put any steering wheel on any car?

Not all alternative steering wheels are compatible with all vehicles. The construction of the steering column and the primary bolt that secures the wheel is significantly different. That is why you cannot put any steering wheel on any car.


Swapping the stock steering wheel of a Dodge Challenger may seem exciting, but you should consider many factors beforehand. The model years of the target Challenger is one of the most important criteria for checking compatibility.

That is why, before purchasing or getting a new steering wheel, you must inspect and confirm that it will fit your Dodge Challenger without needing retrofitting.

Furthermore, the budget should be affordable and expandable if you want a workshop to swap for you. We hope this write-up has been informative and helpful in deciding how to proceed with the Dodge Challenger steering wheel swap.

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