Dodge Challenger OBD Port Location [For Any Car- Any Model]

Where is the Dodge Challenger OBD port located? You want to insert your OBD tool for your vehicle information. But you have no idea where this port is.

Well, in most cases, this port is right in the passenger compartment of your vehicle. Then again, this location might vary as per models and brands.

In this article, we will provide information on Dodge Challenger OBD Port location for different models. So that next time, whenever you plan to connect or track devices nearby your vehicle, you can easily go through our article and get your port as per your car model.

Dodge Challenger OBD Port Location

The OBD port is also the center house for all the tracking devices as it supplies or generates continuous power to these devices. Unfortunately, some of us go mad over finding its exact location. Because it is hardly visible, or you trip/skip over it.

Basically, the OBD port connection is located in the same place for almost 90% of cars out there. From 2008-2015 Dodge Challenger OBD port location is right above the brake pedal, below the driver’s side dash. All you need to do is place your left foot on the parking e-brake. You will get it right behind your knees panel and above your ankle. And yes! You can use this port on a regular basis.

We would like to add a couple of queries to this Frequently Asked Question section. If you are still working on the OBD port location and want to know more about it, you are welcome to read the following part!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where is the OBD port on a Dodge Challenger?

The OBD port on a Dodge Challenger is located above the brake pedals.

Where is the OBD2 port on a 2017 Dodge Challenger?

On a 2017 Dodge Challenger, the 16-pin connector OBD2 port is located inside the vehicle’s passenger compartment. You can find it right under the dashboard, a little below the steering wheel column.

Does every car have OBD port?

According to the United States Legislation, all cars and trucks from the 1996 model to the newest ones must have an OBD port.

Can you drive with OBD plugged in?

Why not! In fact, it is absolutely safe and recommended by professionals to drive while your OBD is plugged in to prevent the software from damaging

Does my car have 2 OBD ports?

Except for a few electric cars, every car has 2 OBD ports. So don’t worry, your car has it too!


So hope this article gives you exact information on the Dodge Challenger OBD port location. It might get tricky to find the exact location of your OBD port, especially when you are a newbie to cars. But worry not, as this article will guide you to the exact location, and you can connect and retrieve information from your tracking OBD devices just like that!

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