Dodge Challenger Jack Stand Locations- [1970-2022 Years Explained]

Where is the jack stand on Dodge Challenger? Primarily it resides in the trunk of the Dodge Challenger, but the location may vary according to the model of the Dodge Challenger.

The jack stand is a small metal bracket that is typically found on the front of the Dodge Challenger. It is used to support the front end of the car while it is being serviced or repaired. So identifying the Dodge Challenger jack stand locations is also crucial, but many of you aren’t aware of this.

In this article, we will discuss where the jack stand is located on the Dodge Challenger for various models in order to reduce your hassles. Here we go-

Dodge Challenger Jack Stand Locations

However, the location may be varied based on the generation and models of Dodge Challengers. Here depicts a table about the Dodge Challenger jack stand locations for various models. Have a look-

1st1970-1974Behind the front wheels
2nd1978 – 1983Behind the rear wheels
3rd2008 – presentIn the truck

The jack stand is an essential part of the Dodge Challenger, but sometimes it’s hard to find out during repairing, changing tires, or any other servicing. Before finding the locations, you must know about the types of jack stands of Dodge Challengers. There are typically three types of jack stands such as single-arm screw, double-arm screw, and hybrid jack.

Again, the single-arm jack stand comes with a few options and is best for an entry-level Dodge Challenger. The double arm jack stand will be perfect if you want a high payload to lift more stably. They use the worm screw to raise the jack by using screws. And the hybrid type is useful for premium models to lift more payloads. In them, the Dodge Challenger jack pads are responsible for lifting the front points of the car

How About Putting Your Jack Stand on Dodge Challenger?

Now, if you’re looking for a safe and sturdy place to put your Dodge Challenger jack stands, there are a few key locations you should know about. The best place to put them is in the trunk, under the motor, or in the rear wheel arch. Each of these locations offers a stable base for your jack stands and will keep your car secure while it’s being worked on.

Moreover, the trunk is an excellent place to put your jack stands because it’s solid and has plenty of room. You can easily fit two jack stands under the car in this location. Just be sure that you use properly-sized jack stands for your car and place them so that they won’t slip out from under the vehicle.

The next best location is under the motor. This is also a very stable spot, and it’s easy to get to. You can reach under your car, grab the jack stands and lift them out.

If you’re not using your jack stands to support the weight of the vehicle, you might want to consider placing them in the rear wheel arch.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where To Put Jack Stands On Dodge Challengers?

For Dodge Challengers, the best place to put jack stands is underneath the lift points. This will provide the most stability and support for the car when it’s lifted. When jacking up a challenger, use caution not to raise it too high, as this could damage the suspension or the car’s frame. Also, make sure that you use jack stands that are rated for the weight of your car, and always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using them.

Where Is The Jack On A 2019 Dodge Challenger?

The jack point is located in the trunk of the 2019 Dodge Challenger. The jack is in a compartment on the left side of the trunk and can be used to raise or lower the car. This compartment is near the rear of the car. However, the jack is a standard lug nut wrench-type jack that has a black handle and a silver crank.

How To Put A Dodge Challenger On Jack Stands?

To put a Dodge Challenger on jack stands, first drive the car onto a level surface. Then, position the jack stands under the car’s frame, ensuring that the stands are evenly positioned. Next, use the jack to raise the car until the tires are off the ground. Finally, lower the car onto the jack stands, and make sure that the car is secure before getting underneath it.

Where Do You Jack Up A Dodge Challenger?

Most of the recommendations for jacking up a Dodge Challenger are from the frame rails. The frame rails are located on either side of the car and underneath the doors. Place the jack at the rear of the frame rail and raise it until the car is off the ground. Be sure to use a jack that can handle the weight of the car.


The Dodge Challenger jack stand locations shown in this article are ideal for safely lifting and supporting your vehicle. There are several stores online or offline where you can buy a jack stand, and it is important to make sure that you get one that is the right size for your car.

When you need to change a tire or perform any other service work on your car, hopefully now the jack stands in the proper places for your Dodge Challenger. Remember to always be safe when working on your car and using the correct tools for the job.

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