Dodge Challenger Front Bumper Replacement Cost (A Complete Guide)

How much does replacing a front bumper on a Dodge Challenger cost? From an average point of view, replacing a front bumper on a Dodge Challenger can cost you around $500-$1500. However, the cost range varies based on the bumper types, labor charge, location, and other factors.

You never know when the situation will occur, and you must replace your vehicle’s front bumper. That’s why you must have precise information about Dodge Challenger front bumper replacement cost.

For this, we will break down the cost factors here in this article. We hope you’ll find this content informative, and it will give you a lot of ease regarding replacing the front bumper.

Dodge Challenger Front Bumper Replacement Cost

When we discuss the replacement cost of a front bumper, we can only measure the cost regarding parts. If you can’t replace the bumper with your own, you should hire a technician to do the task for you.

The exciting fact about replacing the front bumper is that you sometimes have to spend more money on labor than the parts. Sounds good?

In terms of Dodge Challenger, the scenario of costing remains the same. You have to do that if you feel you need to replace your Dodge Challenger bumper, no matter what valid reason. Nonetheless, it is much better if you are ready to pay around $500-$1500 to replace the front bumper.

Here, you can get the bumper and parts for $200-$1000 based on the shop from which you tend to buy the bumper.

But, you have some options to save a large amount of money. But how? Is there any secret?

Not really! You can, however, save a decent amount of money if you perform the task of replacing the front bumper on your own, with your special expertise!

In most cases, you may have to bear the labor cost of $400-$700, depending on the hours required to complete the bumper installation. Furthermore, It makes no difference whether you tend to replace Dodge Challenger front bumper OEM and aftermarket.

In addition, there is also a painting cost involved when it comes to replacing a front bumper, But this is not mandatory, and who wants to mismatch the color of the bumper with the car? However, the average cost of painting a bumper would be around $80-$100.

YearPartsLabor Cost (Per Hour)Average Replacement Cost

When Should You Replace the Front Bumper of Dodge Challenger?

Replacing the front bumper of your car always costs too much. Therefore, if you don’t have all the money in the world, you should never replace the bumper based on mare choice. Instead, it will be better if you know the exact reasons or time to replace the bumper of your car.

However, if the bumper gets damaged for some reason, it may be an accident or stuff, you should carefully notice the type of damage it has. Then, if the damage is not so severe and just a few scratches, it will be better to repair the bumper rather than replace it.

But, in some cases, if the damage looks pretty severe and you find it risky to drive your car with that bumper, replacing it will be a better choice. In addition, there are always a few occasions when repairing the bumper isn’t worth it. So, it will be again better to go with replacing the bumper. 

More precisely, if you feel that the bumper negatively impacts the structure of your car, then it’s better to replace it.

Let’s look at the sign of a damaged car’s bumper.

  • Huge cracks in the different places of the bumper
  • Major paints and coat damage
  • Large holes and broken hooks
  • Damaged tabs and clips

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is It Worth Replacing the Bumper?

If the car’s bumper gets severely damaged and cannot be fixed with gentle repairing, it would be better to replace it. But, as the repairing cost of the bumper is too high, it isn’t worth replacing it without a valid reason. Therefore, it’s all about personal preferences. Most advanced automobiles come with a muscular bumper, and you don’t often need to replace them.

Can I Replace a Bumper Yourself?

If you have some expertise in replacing the bumper and the necessary tools, you can replace a bumper yourself. However, replacing the bumper of your car can become insane just because of the high labor cost. Therefore, if you are capable enough, you can save at least $500-$700. But it is better to go to the mechanic if you have no experience replacing the bumper.

How Much Does a New Bumper Cost?

The price of a car’s bumper depends on the model, year, technician, and the type of bumper someone is looking forward to buying. But, on average, a new bumper can cost around $100-$1000. But, buying a bumper is not only the cost. In addition, you may have to bear the labor cost if you can’t replace the bumper on your own.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Whole Front Bumper?

The cost of a front bumper is measured based on some key variables. These are the quality of bumpers, vehicle, model, year, etc. However, you will need to pay around $500-$1500 to replace a whole front bumper, including the labor or installation cost. Nonetheless, you can save a lot of money by replacing the bumper with your expertise. Besides, the labor cost of replacing a whole front bumper also varies on the hours it takes.


Have you got the points about Dodge Challenger front bumper replacement cost? We want to believe you have the idea about the fact if you have carefully read this article.

Nonetheless, if you are wondering about replacing the front bumper of your Dodge Challenger, this article will work as a solid guideline for you.

However, in this fast-changing world economy, you won’t find the cost for anything in a stable position for a long time. The cost of replacing the front bumper is no exception. You may find variations in the prices of the parts along with labor costs and stuff.

But, it won’t make a huge difference. In addition, make sure you choose the right shop and the best technician to replace the front bumper.

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