Know the Dodge Challenger Evap Canister Location

Where is the Dodge Challenger Evap canister location? The Evap or vapor canister is located on the exterior side of the fuel tank. And most of the time its position is identical to all the Dodge trucks.

You may find it hard sometimes to locate the vapor canister in most vehicles. Mainly you will find it under plastic covers. And on different car versions, the vapor canister can be located on the bay of the engine other than the fuel tank.

In this article, we will talk about the positions of Evap or charcoal canisters on different Dodge trucks along with a table for furthermore convenience. So stay with us through the article and stay tuned.

Dodge Challenger Evap Canister Location

Let’s quickly overview the location of different year Dodge Challenger EVAP canisters.

2015 Dodge ChallengerAbove the wheel on the chassis
2012-2014 Dodge ChallengerBehind the fuel tank
2007-2011 Dodge ChallengerOn the engine bay hose

In this section, we will talk about the position of the Evap canister on the Dodge trucks. But first of all, we need to know what the Evap canister does and what other peripherals it is connected with.

Evap canisters or charcoal canisters are kinds of safety systems. It mainly has activated charcoal particles. Thus activated charcoal particles attract gasoline vapor residues, which is then stored for later uses. The charcoal canister is a vital part of your vehicle. But you won’t have to worry if it somehow gets faulty. Your car will work perfectly without the charcoal canister. Anyway, be careful because you can’t pass the emission test without the charcoal canister not working.

The charcoal canister can be located anywhere on the vehicle. But specifically on the Dodge trucks, it can be found near the fuel tanks. But in most European trucks, it can be found near the bay of the engine.

If it’s about the 2014 Dodge Challenger EVAP canister location, it is located beside the fuel tank. It is usually hard to find, but you will get it covered in hard plastic covers.

But we can see the location being slightly different in the case of finding the 2015 Dodge Challenger EVAP canister location. It is a little bit different from its previous versions. In this case, the Evap canister is located above the wheels. Specifically on the chassis cavity above the wheel.

And it is not that hidden like the other ones. This also gives an extra perk to the Evap canister. Like getting replaced more easily.

Again, the 2012 Dodge Challenger EVAP canister location is beside the fuel tank. And also, it is quite hidden behind plastic covers. Evap canisters are one of the newest innovations in automobiles. So their locations are set in safe places. It may be difficult for you to find.

You won’t need to check the Evap canister that often. So it is quite properly protected. The Evap canister mainly gets damaged due to rough use. But if it gets damaged somehow, you might need to find this location.

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Frequently Asked questions (FAQs)

Where is the EVAP canister located?

The Evap canister is located beside the fuel taken under a plastic cover. But it differs from version to version.

Where is the purge valve located on a 2015 Dodge Challenger?

The purge valve is located on the hose of the engine bay. This may also differ due to the EVAP location.


The Dodge Challenger Evap canister location is usually set beside the fuel tank hidden between plastics. But the location can differ on basis of your Dodge Challenger version. Sometimes it can be over the wheel on the chassis cavity. But we gave the version model and where it’s located.

We may have missed something in the process. You can let us know about it through our form below. This will also help the greater community. Until then stay happy.

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