Dodge 6 Speed Manual Transmission Problems: Uncover 4 Most Common Issues

What are the common Dodge 6 speed manual transmission problems? Stuck transmission, hard-to-shift gears, and jumping out of gear are common manual transmission issues.

This transmission type also has oil leakage, bearing failure, and other exasperating problems that can ruin your riding day. But the problem list doesn’t end here; there are more.

Hence, if you want to explore all the problems associated with the Dodge six-speed manual transmission, you may continue reading this article. Let’s get started.

Dodge 6 Speed Manual Transmission Problems: Let’s See Which One Matches With Yours

Many Dodge users with 6-speed manual transmission in their vehicles frequently face transmission defects like synchronizer failures, cracked transmission cases, bearing failure, and gear shifting issues.

Commonly these problems arise due to varied reasons. For example, when clutch wheels, synchro rings, pilot bearing, or other internal components of the transmission get damaged or wear out, riders encounter these issues associated with the 6-speed manual transmission.

That said, let’s first check out all the manual transmission problems and reasons for such issues in the table below. Afterward, we will talk briefly about these problems.

Faulty BearingRust, Worn Out Over Time
Jumping Out Of GearMaladjusted Shift Linkage, Broken Shift-Rail Springs, Etc.
Hard To Shift GearsLoose Shift Forks & Shafts, Low Oil Level, Etc.
Stuck TransmissionLow Oil Level, Fluid Varnish Build-Up
Dodge 6 Speed Manual Transmission Problems

Malfunctioned Bearing

Dodge riders consider the worn-out bearing one of the most seen Dodge Challenger 6 speed manual transmission problems. When the pocket, pilot, or shaft bearing becomes faulty, their cars make noise while accelerating or decelerating.

The transmission’s internal gear begins to hum or whir, telling riders their vehicles have some problems to resolve. However, insufficient oil or contaminated lubricant can cause those components to produce noise.

Again, the source of the noise can be the damaged synchronizer. So, the point here is that you shouldn’t assume that the bearing has worn out just by hearing the noise.

Instead, you should get your car inspected by a skilled mechanic and let the professional diagnose your vehicle.

Sudden Jumping Of The Transmission Into Neutral:

If you own a Dodge Ram, there is a high chance that you will face this transmission-related issue at least once in your riding career.

Numerous riders have complained that the “Jumping out of gear” defect is the most annoying among varied Dodge Ram 6 speed manual transmission problems.

In essence, this problem strikes due to several causes, and a common one can be a stretched or misaligned shift linkage. Or else, it can occur because of the broken spring in the shift rail, damaged pilot bearing, worn synchronizer, misaligned transmission, damaged gear teeth, etc.

So, whatever the cause is, when you notice that the transmission jumps out of gear, you should take your car to a repair workshop to figure out the root of the issue and fix it.

Hard To Shift Gears

Sometimes, especially in winter, riders experience this issue. They need to put a decent amount of effort into moving the shift lever from one gear to another. Here’s what one user from the ramforumz says about this issue,

“I have a ’12 Express 2-wheel drive with the 6-speed transmission. I have 81,000 miles on it. Suddenly without any warning or problems, the truck will only drive in 4th gear.”

Usually, this problem arises due to worn out or loose parts, including shift fork, levers, shafts, etc. Also, low oil level, slipping clutch, misaligned transmission, and even failure of the bearing can make gear shifting quite challenging for you.

Here’s a pro tip, if the problem occurs when the engine is turned off, you should inspect the linkage; otherwise, you should examine the clutch if you can’t shift gears while the engine is running.

Lastly, ask for a professional’s help to eliminate this kind of transmission problem.

Stuck Transmission

You can find yourself unable to move the transmission from one gear to another, and this problem mostly happens due to the wrong oil type or low oil level. Besides, the fluid varnish build-up can exacerbate this issue.

Other causes include a stuck shift rail, damaged detents, forks, or a stuck synchronizer sleeve. Anyway, regular gearbox maintenance can help keep this transmission problem at bay.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is A 6 Speed Transmission Good?

Yes, it’s a good transmission because it offers advantages like a vast increase in acceleration. This 6-speed transmission gives you more power irrespective of road condition; plus, it reduces engine wear and fuel consumption.

What Are The Signs Of A Failing Manual Transmission?

You can witness several signs when your manual transmission goes bad. For example, it can produce noise when in neutral; you will have trouble shifting gears; you can sense a burning smell or may notice oil leakage.

How Long Should A Manual Transmission Last?

If you take good care of the transmission and accomplish regular maintenance tasks, you can expect your manual transmission to last up to 120,000 miles. After that, it may need some significant repairs.


Dodge barely has any competitor when it comes to manufacturing cars with jaw-dropping functions. But regrettably, their vehicles with 6-speed manual transmissions reduce the company’s reputation to a lower degree.

After a certain period, this transmission starts getting worse and creating a mess during the drive, which we have already discussed in this article titled Dodge 6 speed manual transmission problems. We hope this content successfully gives you an overview of the manual transmission problems and solutions. That’s all for now; we will catch you with the following article. 

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