3 Reasons Why DaLauncher Isn’t Responding? Know How to Fix

Why DaLauncher isn’t responding? The launcher is one of the critical features of Honda. But, it can fall into trouble for different reasons. However, the most common cause of this problem is a software error.

Whenever you notice the DaLauncher is malfunctioning, taking urgent steps to resolve the issue is essential. What if you are driving your car and the DaLauncher suddenly stops working? It will be frustrating, won’t it?

So, in this blog, we will show you some of the prominent reasons behind an unresponsive DaLauncher. Then, we will focus on the solutions based on the problems. Symptoms? We won’t mind covering them as well.

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Let’s Find All the Possible Reasons Why DaLauncher Isn’t Responding

It’s normal to face some issues with your car infotainment system, and there is hardly any device that doesn’t have any issues. You turn on your car’s infotainment screen, and after some time, it shows ‘DaLauncher isn’t responding.’

We know this type of problem is irritating, especially when you drive a car.

But, what are some of the possible causes that DaLauncher isn’t responding to Honda CRV?

You will notice a malfunctioning notification on your car’s screen for many reasons. However, issues with the USB cable connection and battery can cause problems in most cases. If the problem occurs, you can’t get access to any of the features until you take troubleshooting steps.

Software errorTry a factory reset.
Loose USB connectionCheck the USB cable.
Faulty batteryReconnect the battery.

We hope you’ve found the table helpful. Once you know the probable reasons for your Honda CRV touch screen malfunction, you can quickly solve the problems. Moreover, we are going to share the solutions below.

Software Error

This is one of the foremost causes of malfunctioning the Honda CRV touch screen. For the DeLaucher to function appropriately, infotainment software must be in good working order.

Nonetheless, your car’s infotainment software may not work as expected. In this sense, you need to try a factory reset after rebooting. But, some people often avoid this important troubleshooting step and try to do other things. You shouldn’t do so.

how do you reboot and reset the infotainment system?

First, you need to reboot the head unit of the DaLauncher. You can’t reset the factory setting at first.

To reboot the system, press and hold the physical button under the screen for 5-10 seconds. Then a message will pop up on the screen ‘Do you want to reboot?’ Click ‘Yes,’ and the rebooting process will begin. The rebooting may take 20-25 seconds.

Once you reboot the system, it will be better if you perform the factory setting. Resetting the factory setting will remove all your settings. But, it reduces the chance of getting the DaLauncher isn’t responding Honda CRV problem.

To perform factory setting, follow the steps below:

  • Select Home.
  • Select Settings.
  • Select System.
  • Select the Others tab.
  • Select Factory Data Reset.

If there is any issue with the software, following the above process may help you. In case of the software update, you need to contact the dealers if rebooting and resetting won’t work.

Loose USB Connection

The loose USB connection is another acute reason the DaLauncher malfunctions. Ensure the USB cable is connected to your mobile when using “Android Auto” or “Apple Car Play”. If the cable is damaged, try a different cable. Using an incompatible phone can also cause the issue here.

Faulty Battery

Sometimes, the infotainment system screen of your Honda CRV car may malfunction because of a faulty battery.

In this case, you can disconnect the battery and wait for a few seconds. Then, you should insert the battery again and check whether the problem still occurs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do I Reset My Honda Head Unit?

It’s crucial to reset your Honda head unit when you notice any malfunction with it. You can reset the Honda head unit by following these steps:
#. Select Home.
#. Select Settings.
#. Select System.
#. Select The Others Tab.
#. Select Factory Data Reset.

Why Is My Honda CarPlay Not Working?

Your Honda CarPlay may not work for quite a few reasons. But, in most cases, if you use a faulty or wrong USB cable or cord, you can’t access your Honda CarPlay. Furthermore, problems like incompatible mobile phones and CarPlay restrictions in your mobile phone are the prominent causes of Honda CarPlay not working.

How Do I Unfreeze My Honda Civic Radio?

The process of unfreezing the Honda Civic radio is simple. Moreover, you shouldn’t delay doing it if there is any problem with the radio system.
#. Put the key in the Ignition and turn it on position.
#. Turn the radio on for 10-15 seconds.
#. Hold the power button down for 5 seconds.
#. Turn the radio on.


If your Honda CRV warranty period has not expired, it’s better to contact the dealers. However, you can still DIY resolving the DaLauncher isn’t responding issue by following our suggestions carefully. Furthermore, once you are sure about the reasons that cause the problem, you can fix the problem comprehensively.

In some cases, you might face the issue regularly. Besides, it can also happen that the problem is solved without further steps. But, it’s better to take troubleshooting steps to resolve the problem permanently.

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