Chevy Malibu Bluetooth Won’t Connect – Reasons & Solutions

Why the Chevy Malibu Bluetooth won’t connect? The most common reason for the issue is a faulty Bluetooth module that can’t pair with your device. 

The Bluetooth feature on most Chevy Malibu models is a part of the luxury package, which is factory installed. It’s convenient to use a hands-free device while driving.

Like other software, preinstalled Bluetooth module may come up with connectivity issues. Why does this issue happen? Let’s know the reasons and the solutions below:

Chevy Malibu Bluetooth Won’t Connect

Manufacturers are adding Bluetooth facilities to modern vehicles like Chevy Malibu. Sometimes, they may be unable to pair with your devices for different reasons, resulting in the Bluetooth not working in Chevy Malibu.

The most common reason is a faulty Bluetooth module. Defective wiring, a blown fuse, and pairing dysfunction are other reasons. 

Here are some references from different real users’ experiences from forum discussions:

Robert H on VehicleHistory forum

“Some different reasons are there that make an issue like 2011 Chevy Malibu Bluetooth not working. These reasons include Bluetooth module fault, wiring issue, and a blown fuse.”

Kelann shared on Chevrolet Community

When my 2009 Chevy Malibu makes an issue with its Bluetooth, I noticed that pushing the steering button makes the Bluetooth mute. Then, I found the issue, and it was due to defective wiring.”

So, let’s look at the table of reasons for unresponsive Bluetooth features and their possible solutions:

Faulty Bluetooth ModuleTurn Bluetooth off and on again
Defective WiringRepair or replace the wire
Pairing DysfunctionTurn Bluetooth off and on again
Weak Cellular SignalRepair or replace devices
Paired With Other Vehicle BluetoothDisconnect from other devices
Running Background Bluetooth ActivityTurn off background activity
Outdated Device SoftwareUpdate device software

Sometimes, you may find an issue like a 2020 Chevy Malibu Bluetooth not playing music. This issue can arise for different reasons. Below are the reasons and possible solutions:

Faulty Bluetooth Module

This is the most common reason for Bluetooth issues for your Chevy Malibu. The problem triggers Bluetooth to become unresponsive and mutes audio. It can be a severe issue sometimes – especially when you need to make a phone call.

You should fix the problem as soon as possible. Turn Bluetooth off and wait for 5 seconds; turn it on again. It should turn the Bluetooth audio on.

Defective Wiring

The issue of the Chevy Malibu Bluetooth not being linked can happen due to bad wiring. It means if there is a problem with the cable connected with the car’s Bluetooth, it may lose connection with your devices.

Checking and repairing/replacing the wire can fix if there is any issue and can help you solve the problem of Bluetooth connection.

However, if needed, you can check out the reasons why is the radio display not working on Chevy Malibu and how to fix that.

Pairing Dysfunction

The Chevy Malibu Bluetooth issue occurs when your device doesn’t pair with the car’s Bluetooth. It’s a pairing dysfunction that sometimes arises from a software issue.

To fix the problem, turn the Bluetooth media portion off, wait for a moment, about 5 seconds, and turn it on once again.

Weak Cellular Signal

If your device signal isn’t strong enough to receive and respond to the car’s Bluetooth feature, then it may result in a Bluetooth issue.

When the Chevy Malibu Bluetooth stops working, it may be a reason for a weak cellular signal. As it happens because of your devices, you can solve it by repairing or switching to another network.

Paired With Other Vehicle Bluetooth

Oh, the most unnoticed reason! Yes, your device might be paired with any other vehicle’s Bluetooth, so you may fail to connect with your own car’s Bluetooth. It can be a rare issue, but it sometimes happens.

Disconnecting other paired devices and then connecting with your car Bluetooth will overcome the problem.

Running Background Bluetooth Activity

While your phone is running some other Bluetooth activities in its background, it may stop connecting with your car’s Bluetooth.

If your phone is busy with background tasks like downloading or searching something can cause this issue. Find the possible background activities and off them to fix this issue.

Outdated Device Software

Sometimes, the Chevy Malibu Bluetooth may fail to connect with your device because of obsolete software. Check the compatible versions and your phone’s software to find the issue. If you find it’s not compatible with your device, you need to get the latest software compatible.

Also, you can delete or reset the paired phone from radio configuration settings and try to pair it again.

Check out This Video to Connect Bluetooth to Chevy Malibu

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Is My Malibu Not Connecting To Bluetooth?

Some diverse reasons can prevent connecting to Bluetooth with your Chevy Malibu. They include defective Bluetooth units, bad wiring, and pairing dysfunction. Also, you can find some other reasons like weak device signal, paired with another vehicle Bluetooth, running background Bluetooth activity, and outdated device software.

How Do I Reset My Bluetooth In My Chevy Malibu?

There are two ways to reset the Bluetooth on Chevy Malibu.

#. Turn off the engine
#. Open and close the door and wait for some minutes to let the car reboot
#. Then, try pairing the Bluetooth again

And the second way is-
#. Go to the ‘config’ from the radio menu
#. Find and select the ‘Radio settings.
#. And then select the ‘Software version.
#. Finally, select ‘clear and reset radio’ to reset.

How Do You Turn On The Bluetooth In A 2013 Chevy Malibu?

First, turn on your phone’s Bluetooth. Then, select ‘Phone’ by pressing the stereo or the steering. Now, pair your device with the car Bluetooth and enter a pin if it asks for a PIN.

Does the 2009 Chevy Malibu Have Bluetooth?

In the 2009 Chevy Malibu, the Bluetooth feature is still a packaged option. It has the same buttons on the steering wheel for the Onstar voice control. Unfortunately, those buttons don’t signify Bluetooth.


The issue of the Chevy Malibu Bluetooth won’t connect can arise for different reasons. The most common reasons include faulty Bluetooth modules, defective wiring, and pairing dysfunction.

Aside from these, the issue may occur due to a weak cellular signal paired with another vehicle’s Bluetooth, running background Bluetooth activity, and outdated device software.

It might be a serious issue when your device can’t communicate with your car’s Bluetooth. It’s frustrating if you want to make a phone call or enjoy music, but you can’t do it because of a Bluetooth connectivity issue.

Now, it’ll not be able to disengage you from using your Bluetooth feature as you know the reasons for the problem and their potential solutions.

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