Know Why Your Chevy Cruze Seat Won’t Move Forward or Backward?

Can’t figure out why your Chevy Cruze seat won’t move forward? Is it a power seat or a manual seat? This is a common problem in the 2011 Chevy Cruze.

Do not get puzzled! Something might be lodged in the seat track. In addition, check for any dust and dirt buildup on the seat track.

All the above causes are applicable for manual seats. But what about the power or electrical seats? Commonly, electric seats are jammed if the wires under the seat are pinched off. The condition of the track motor cannot be neglected at all.

In this article, we will mainly focus on the reasons behind this problem and an effective troubleshooting manual.

Fixing When Chevy Cruze Seat Won’t Move Forward Or Backward

A stuck seat can be an alarming sign while driving. Every time you set off from home, remember to adjust your car seat according to your height and body stature. This will help you to get a firm grip on the steering and a wide, clear field of vision while driving.

In addition, there might be some situations when the Chevy Cruze passenger seat won’t move forward. What could be the reason? Before cracking that point let’s deal with the stuck driver seat first. Usually, the driver seat is of two types- a manual seat and a power seat.

A power seat usually has fuses, wires, and sometimes a motor beneath it. So there are different reasons behind a stuck power seat and a manual seat.

Take a look at all the reasons behind a stuck manual seat in Chevy Cruze:

ReasonsBest Possible Solution
Unengaged locking pinsFirmly shake and engage the locking pin
Dust and dirt buildup on the seat trackClean up the debris
 Jammed for lack of activityLubricate the seat track

Reason-1: Unengaged locking pins

A locking pin on the spring mechanism prevents your driving seat from moving abruptly. But what happens when your Chevy Cruze seat is stuck for an unengaged locking pin?


  • To and froth movement of the seat while driving
  • Sliding pins in the port


  1. At first, bend to the level of the driver’s seat.
  2. Locate the unengaged locking pin.
  3. If it is slightly displaced from its location, shake the driver’s seat to accommodate the gadget.
  4. Then push the pin backward.
  5. To ensure its proper engagement, confirm that you hear a clicking sound.
  6. At last, try moving your seat forward and backward.

Reason-2: Dust and dirt buildup in the seat track

Dust and dirt are sure to get attracted to the seat track because of the increased surface friction. This leads to the generation of static electricity. Mainly this static electricity invites these foreign bodies into your seat track.


  • Stuck driver’s seat


  1. Vacuum cleaner
  2. bristle brush
  3. crevice tool
  4. Cleaning agent
  5. Lukewarm water


  1. Start by removing the carpets and driver’s seat forward.
  2. Use a bristle brush to remove the dust plague.
  3. Then finely remove the dust and dirt particles with the help of a vacuum cleaner.
  4. With the help of the crevice tool, deep clean the seat track.
  5. Lastly, wipe off the excess dust with the help of lukewarm water and a cleaning agent, like- soap.
  6. Dust off the floor carpet and place the seat back in its original place.

Reason-3: Jammed for lack of activity

The seat might get stuck if you do not use our Chevy Cruze for a long period. Inspect the car’s interior to locate problems within pins, seat track, etc.


  • The seat does not move forward or backward
  • Dry seat track


  1. Lithium grease
  2. Clean cloth
  3. Brush
  4. warm water


  1. Dust off the dirt from the seat track with the help of a brush
  2. Then wipe off the track with the help of warm water using a clean cloth.
  3. Then lubricate the seat track with the help of lithium grease. If you do not have lithium grease, you can use graphite grease, olive oil, etc.
  4. Try moving the seat forward and backward.

The Reasons Behind a Stuck Power Seat in Chevy Cruze

ReasonsBest Possible Solutions
Damaged track motorRe-install a new track motor
Pinched wires under the seatCover it up with black tape and secure it with a cable tie.

Reason-1: Damaged track motor

Are you having a tough time thinking why the Chevy Cruze power seat won’t move forward? A faulty track motor may be the reason. This track motor is mainly responsible for the propulsion function of the car.


  • overheating issue
  • Unbearable noise
  • Unstable movement and vibration
  • The driver seat won’t move forward


  1. Start by cleaning the surroundings around the old and damaged track motor.
  2. Break any dust or dirt plague.
  3. With the help of the track motor removal tool set, disconnect all the wirings and remove the motor.
  4. Grease the area for easy replacement.
  5. Re-install a new track motor.
  6.  Wipe off the excess lubricant.
  7. Try moving the seat forward and backward to check the efficacy of the solution.

Reason-2: Pinched wires under the seat

Pinched wires are another critical reason behind your stock seat. Such wirings reduce electric current flow. Over time, these wires become thin.


  • Thinning of wires
  • Stuck driver’s seat
  • Fire hazard


  1. First, disconnect all the wiring for safety.
  2. Using black tape, wrap up the whole wirings.
  3. Once the wrapping procedure is done, secure the wiring with a tie to prevent slippage.
  4. Reconnect the wires.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why won’t my electric seat move forward?

An electric seat fails to move forward due to a damaged track motor or pinched wires under the driver’s seat.

How do I fix my car seat not moving?

Start by cleaning the debris built up in the seat track. And for easy movement, lubricate the rack with lithium grease.

Is there a fuse for power seats?

Yes, there is a fuse for the power seat. It is located on the left side of the driver’s door. The driver seat cannot be moved forward or backward if the fuse is blown out.

Final Verdict

Are you still brainstorming why your Chevy Cruze seat won’t move forward? Finding the exact reason might be challenging for a newbie. But not anymore! You do not need professional technical knowledge to sort out the problem.

First, let’s point at the dust and dirt buildup on the seat track. To avoid the problem, you have to maintain your car properly. Do not forget to perform an all-out inspection of your track motor or wiring system.

We have introduced you to the most possible reason behind a stuck seat. Wish you good luck with your troubleshooting experience.

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