Charger Vs Challenger Resale Value- How One Takes the Place Over Other?

Among car enthusiasts, the Charger and Challenger are two of the most well-liked vehicles. However, you may want to buy or sell any of the two used cars. But. is there any difference between Charger and Challenger reselling? Yes, there is a difference in resale value between the Charger and the Challenger. You can get a better resale price for the Challenger.

However, a few factors come into action when determining any car’s resale value. Engine capability, buying price, car condition, and mileage are the most common aspects that anyone needs to consider. For this, we will cover an A-Z discussion about Charger vs Challenger resale value in this blog.

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Charger Vs Challenger Resale Value

It’s always essential to clearly understand the resale value of cars if you want to sell or buy a car, whether a Charger or Challenger. You need to know the exact selling value to get the most out of selling your car.

Both the Charger and the Challenger are well-known for their superficial performance and class. However, they come with powerful engines and key features that attract people to buy them even after they have been used for a long time.

However, you will get a comparatively higher resale price with the Challenger than with the Charger. But, the margin is not huge though.

Let’s look at a table to add more twists regarding Challenger vs Charger resale value.

HorsepowerMore horsepowerLess horsepower
Depreciation rate24% (5 years)32% (5 years)
Starting MSRP$30,430 (2022)$32,500 (2022)
FeaturesA few additional featuresAverage features
Size33 inches of legroom40 inches of legroom
Engine3.6-litre v6, 5.7-liter v8, 6.4-liter v83.6-liter v6, 5.7-liter v8, 6.4-liter v8, 6.2-liter v8
SpeedComparatively FasterComparatively slower

We hope you’ve got some ideas from the above chart about the Dodge Challenger vs Charger. Before elaborating on the different factors of the two cars, it is better if you know the rest of the things that play a massive role in determining the resale value of a car.

However, the factors are:

  • Annual mileage
  • Car’s condition
  • Accident history
  • Features options
  • Location
  • Period of owning the car, etc.

That’s why it’s hard for anyone to let you know the exact resale price unless you are an owner. But, you surely have some idea.


Horsepower is one of the main considerations when buying or selling any car. And not surprisingly, horsepower also has an impact on determining the resale value of any car. However, the general rule is that people must pay more for a car with better horsepower.

Therefore, if the Challenger has more horsepower than the Charger, you will undoubtedly have more resale value for the Challenger than the Charger.

Depreciation Rate

Like the horsepower of a car, we can never deny the significance of the depreciation rate regarding the resale value of any car. If the depreciation rate is pretty high, you won’t get as much resale value as you can get with a lower depreciation rate.

For example, if you own the Challenger for five years, the depreciation rate is 24%. You bought the car for around $30,430. Here, you lose about $730 as depreciation costs from the actual value of your car.

This means you have to sacrifice more resale value for your car if you own the Charger. The depreciation rate for the Chargers is around 32%.


You can’t avoid the issue of the car’s features when you want to know about the resale price. It is apparent that you can get a higher resale value with a car with more advanced features.

Nonetheless, both the Challenger and the Changer come with some fantastic features. But, you will have more features available with the Challengers than with the Changers. However, when it comes to safety, the Charger performs better compared to the Challenger.

Starting MSRP

We think you aren’t confused about the impact of the actual MSRP of a car on the resale value. Generally, the car that has the highest starting MSRP provides better resale value. But, this is not true in some cases.

If you have carefully looked at the table we mentioned above about the Challenger vs Charger price, you will know that the MSRP of the Challenger is less than the Charger.

But what happens with the reselling value? You are ultimately getting more resale value for the Challenger than the Charger.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do Challengers Have Good Resale Value?

Compared to other similar types of cars on the market, you can confidently say you will have good resale value for the Dodge Challenger. However, if all the variables remain the same, you will only sacrifice 24% of the depreciation rate in 5 years, which is pretty impressive. Besides, the Challenger generates better horsepower and positively impacts resale value.

Do Dodge Chargers Hold Their Value Well?

Yes, there is no doubt. The Dodge Challenger is one of the most renowned cars for effective performance and better stability. You may have to consider around 32% of the depreciation rate for the first five years. Besides, this type of car has a huge demand on the market because of its quality build, huge body, and better mileage.

Which Is The More Reliable Charger Or Challenger?

Well, there are not too many significant differences between the Charger and Challenger regarding performance. But, you have more horsepower and key features with the challengers compared to the chargers. Besides holding their value, the Challenger also wins over the Charger by a small margin. But, you can have more passenger space with the Charger.


So, you have come to know about the Charger vs Challenger resale value. If you are looking forward to buying a car or selling your used one, this article may help you immensely. However, we suggest you take the time to determine the resale value.

It will be better if you don’t rely on the data on the web only. If you are a buyer, go and talk with the seller. And, if you are a seller, you should know a lot about your car before asking for a resale value.

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