Avital Remote Start Troubleshooting 7 Problems, Reasons, And Solutions

Why is Avital remote start troubleshooting needed? It is required when your Avital remote start won’t work. The most common problem of an Avital remote start is a programming issue. Other problems include the remote start system not functioning after changing the battery, the engine crank not starting with the remote, toggle switch problems, and more.

It can get worrisome for you if you don’t find the proper solutions to these problems. Don’t worry! We have all the reasons and explanations behind these issues, which can help you eliminate them. Read the whole article to know more.

Avital Remote Start Troubleshooting Step By Step

Avital is one of the most famous brands of remote start systems that comes with simple-to-use keyless remote systems. These remotes can program your vehicle’s engine wirelessly and then add it to your keychain. On the other hand, several issues may arise when you use an Avital remote start.

When we think about Avital remote start not working, then the first problem that comes to our mind is a programming issue. Battery issues and defective Avital remote start are other common problems.

Problems With An Avital Remote StartPossible Reasons
A programming issueThe remote has lost its programming
The remote start system is not functioning after changing the batteryDirty remote keypads and battery contact terminals
The engine crank but does not start with the remoteLoose ignition wire
Battery issuesWeak or dead battery
The remote start system itself is not receiving powerBlown fuse or disconnecting wire
Toggle switch problemsThe toggle switch is on
Defective Avital remote startDefects or issues with the Avital remote start

Let’s look closely at Avital remote start problems, their reasons, and solutions.

A Programming Issue

Sometimes, your Avital 7111L remote can stop working because of a programming issue. The remote can lose its programming to cause this problem. In this case, the connection between the remote and the car gets interrupted.

Solution: To do Avital 7111L remote start troubleshooting, you need to reprogram the remote start. It will also get rid of any random codes that can get stored in the system. Firstly, please enter your vehicle and leave the driver’s door open to reprogram it.

After that, turn your automobile’s ignition on by inserting the key. After that, turn the starter to the “On” mode, and then press and let go of the “Valet” key on the Avital remote.

Now, tap and hold the “Valet” switch once again after releasing it first. Wait until the system’s LED light flashes and the siren begins to buzz. Finally, press the remotes begin button while holding the “Valet” button.If you want to know how to reset my Avital remote, you should follow the above steps.

Still, if the problem has not been solved, then you should contact the nearest Avital dealer to do the Avital one-button remote start system troubleshooting

The Remote Start System Not Functioning After Changing The Battery

Many people have complained that their Avital 4115Lremote start is not working after changing the battery. This problem happens when the remote keypads are dirty. It can occur when the battery contact terminals are dirty as well.

Solution: In this case, to do the Avital 4115L remote start troubleshooting, you have to clean the remote keypads and the battery contact terminals with a contact cleaner. It’s better to upgrade the cell if you still have issues with it.

The Engine Crank But Does Not Start With The Remote

It is another common Avital remote start issue. Most people who have the Avital 4103 remote start system face this problem. In such a scenario, the Avital remote will open and close your car’s doors and trunk. However, when you try to start the vehicle with the remote, it will crank but won’t start. You will also see that the engine starts fine with your car’s key. This problem happens for a loose ignition wire.

Solution: To do the Avital 4103 remote start troubleshooting, you are required to tighten the loose ignition wire. The ignition wire is generally pink color wire. It is mainly located under your car’s dashboard.

Battery Issues

We discovered that the Avital ce0889 remote start might not work for battery issues. The remote’s battery can be weak or dead to cause this issue.


To do the Avital ce0889 remote start system troubleshooting, you need to replace the battery. Also, ensure that the new battery’s voltage is above 12.6 volts.

The Remote Start System Itself Is Not Receiving Power

If your Avital remote start system is not working, it may be because the remote start system itself is not receiving power. This can be caused by several things, including a blown fuse, a loose wire, or a problem with the remote start system’s power supply.

Solution: Check your vehicle’s fuse box and make sure that the fuse for the remote start system is not blown. In that case, you should get a new one to exchange it. If the wire is disconnected, reconnect it and try starting your car again.

Toggle Switch Problems

Sometimes, you need to do Avital 4113 remote start troubleshooting as your Avital 4113 remote start is disabled. There is a toggle switch possibly under the dashboard of your car. When this signal is given, the remote start function will no longer function.

Solution: In this case, you must locate the toggle switch and turn it off to solve the problem.

Defective Avital Remote Start

Whether it is the Avital 4111 remote start or any other model of Avital remote start, a bad Avital remote start is a common problem. Any defects or issues with the Avital remote start can lead to the remote start not working.

Solution: To do the Avital 4111 remote start troubleshooting, you must replace the remote start. You can buy a new Avital remote start from many places, including Avital’s regional and national electronics chains, specialty retailers, and car dealers.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I reset my Avital remote?

You can follow a few steps if you need to reset your Avital remote. To begin, look for the button labeled “Reset” on your remote. It is usually found beneath the cell compartment. Until you have located the button that will reset the device, toggle it for five seconds; after five seconds, release the reset button, and your remote should be reset.

How do I get my Avital remote out of valet mode?

If your Avital remote is in valet mode, you’ll need to follow a few steps to get it out of this mode. First, you’ll need to find the valet switch under the dash. Once you’ve found the switch, you’ll need to turn it off. Following that, you’ll keep the learn button on the remote. The remote’s LED light ought to begin flickering after a short while. After the indicator light flashes, you are free to let off the learn button. Finally, you’ll need to use the Avital remote to program your car. Once you’ve successfully programmed the car, the Avital remote will be out of valet mode.

How do you use the Avital one-button remote start?

Make sure your automobile is parked in a secure, flat area before attempting to start it with the Avital one-button remote once you have confirmed that your vehicle is in a safe location, press and hold the button on the remote for three seconds. This will cause the engine to turn over and start the car. If you need to stop the car, press the button again. Keep in mind that you should never leave your car running unattended. Doing so could result in theft or damage to your vehicle.


Avital is a well-known manufacturer of remote starters for vehicles. However, some owners of Avital remote starters have reported problems with their units not working correctly. There are a few reasons that an Avital remote starting might not operate in certain situations.

In some cases, the remote will not start the vehicle at all, while in other cases, it may take several tries before the car starts. It could be a problem with the unit, the batteries, the vehicle’s starter system, or the remote’s programming. However, we have tried our best to merge the problems users face and those reasons with the Avital remote start troubleshooting process. We hope so, and it’ll help you.

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