Are STP Oil Filters Good- We’ve Answered in Details!

Are STP oil filters good? Yes, they are good. Their quality of construction is pretty nice as they are made of sturdy materials. These materials effectively remove contaminants from motor oil.

They do not possess silicone anti-drain valves at the rear, yet the oil filter seems excellent and lets a proper fluid flow. In this article, we will discuss more regarding the quality of the STP oil filters. We will also discuss who makes STP oil filters and how long these filters last. Stay tuned to know more.

Are STP Oil Filters Good?

When people want to know the answer to the question, are STP oil filters any good or not,  the answer should be yes. There are many reasons to declare that STP oil filters are good. One convincing reason why most people choose an STP oil filter is the affordable cost. It also comes in excellent quality, which is popular among many. According to many users, STP oil filters match the OEM standards.

The STP company is well-known as a manufacturer of top-notch oil filters. It is a premium brand. If you were to take apart an STP oil filter, you would notice that the internal media is very well-constructed and that the oil filter itself is comparatively rugged.

The outer canister is able to stand up to the elements. Also, the STP oil filter’s filtration capacity and efficiency are typically excellent. In the guide below, let’s learn more about STP oil filters’ qualities.

Are STP Oil Filters Good Quality?

The answer is obviously yes. Though STP oil filters have some cons, the pros overtake them. An STP oil filter works effectively as an oil purifier, eliminating foreign elements from the motor oil before they reach the engine. Keep in mind that polluted oil in the engine can be the reason for serious engine issues and decrease the vehicle’s performance.

Therefore, it would be beneficial to have good oil filters to enhance the vehicle’s engine shelf life and protect it from potential damage. STP oil filters have exceptional designs that make them well-matched with a broad range of cars. Another excellent feature of these filters is high-quality construction, and as such, they can last up to 5,000 miles.

A user of STP oil filters said in a forum of Bob Is The Oil Guy,

“I used the STP oil filter from AutoZone around three or four times with no complaints except for one. Every time I went to change the from an old to a new filter, the gasket would come completely off the filter and stick to the sending unit. Other than that, STP seemed to be good oil filters.”

STP oil filters are made by Champions Laboratory, Inc. It is one of the leading producers and suppliers of equipment filters. And this company has its headquarters in the US and distributes its products around several parts of the world.

Although Champions Laboratory has production facilities in several parts of the world, the STP filters are built in Mexico. STP makes a wide range of oil filters. Several of the designs are exchangeable across various vehicles. Other STP oil filters are more specialized. For example, the STP S8081 is just for BMW model vehicles and can be a little difficult to find.

How Long Do STP Oil Filters Last?

STP oil filters are generally built to last up to 5,000 miles, which is possible because of the top-notch construction of STP oil filters. However, there is a massive difference between the MaxLife and XL models of STP brand’s oil filters.

The XL models of the STP brand, such as the STP extended life filter S7317XL, are engineered to last around 10,000 miles. On the contrary, the MaxLife models are built to last approximately 15,000 miles.

Are STP Extended Life Oil Filters Good?

The STP extended life filters are engineered for drivers who like to go the additional mile between oil changes. These oil filters use synthetic media that does not break down easily, even in harsh conditions. It means that your vehicle’s engine will be better safeguarded from deposits and debris, and you will not need to change your oil as frequently.

Furthermore, the STP extended life oil filters have increased surface areas that aid in trapping more contaminants. Thus, you may feel confident that your vehicle’s engine is getting the purest possible oil, even if you are going further between oil changes. So, if you are searching for a filter that will last long, the STP extended life oil filter is an excellent option.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is STP a good oil filter brand?

Yes, STP is a good oil filter brand. STP is a brand that makes oil filters for automobiles. Their oil filters are designed to eliminate pollutants from engine oil, extending the oil’s life and safeguarding the engine from wear. STP is built by Champion Laboratories, which is one of the industry’s biggest automotive oil filter suppliers for heavy-duty and light-duty trucks. So, you can trust the STP brand for your oil filter.

How many miles is an STP oil filter good for?

Generally, STP oil filters are good for 10,000 miles. However, the MaxLife models of STP oil filters are made to last around 15,000 miles. There are two types of STP oil filters available. They are synthetic and regular oil filters. Synthetic oil filters last longer than regular oil filters. However, regular oil filters are less expensive compared to synthetic oil filters.

Are STP XL filters good?

Yes, the STP XL filters are good. The STP XL models include the STP extended life oil filters, which are the most popular in the whole STP brand’s oil filters. These oil filters have synthetic fiber blend media that delivers optimal protection for your car’s engine. They also contain a special kind of paper filter element. This paper filter element can hold all the dirt that may destroy your car’s motor.


STP oil filters are one of the leading choices available in the market in several parts of the world. You can find various great options, such as the STP extended life oil filter S2808XL, to help increase the efficiency of your vehicle’s engine.

This oil filter is also a great option for those looking for a reliable and affordable oil filter. Nevertheless, some people are concerned about their quality. Those people should know that Champion Laboratories, Inc. builds STP oil filters.

They are one of the biggest automotive filter manufacturers and suppliers. Their partnership with a lot of famous brands includes STP too. So, you can trust the STP oil filters. We hope this article has helped you get every answer to your questions along with “are STP oil filters good.”

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