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We, the motor enthusiasts here,are playing out a wide range of motor vehicle fix tasks, huge or little.

Knowing your favorite vehicle sometimes can be challenging but seemingly necessary. And that is where the Motor Mav team will assist you!

Stephen Sahriyar- Founder, Motor Mav

How MotorMav Got Place to Fame Itself?

To begin with, let’s have some gist on how Motor Mav was created and how the idea got a place to reveal itself.

Long story short Stephen Sahriyar, the founder and researcher of Motor Mav, always dreamt of a place where all vehicle owner can meet their needs related to their cars.

Stephen spent most of his moments of life with motor parts and engines, assisting his father in their garage. And he felt the life of different vehicle owners when it’s about something repairing or replacing, how owners get freaked out if they lack the basic knowledge.

Since then, Stephen brought up the seed of the plan to MotorMav to assist vehicle owners around the world. And the dream came true when all of the members with the same kick met altogether. And you will be very sure about this when you meet our team, which we will introduce in a few seconds.

The Name Represents the Flame!

Before jumping to meeting the team, let’s hear out the spark of the name and see how the shout-out just came up.

Yes, we are talking about its name – Motor Mav, which itself lights up the spark like its motive. So, the name Motor Mav comes from Motor, which carries the fundamental topics of our site,and the Mav comes from Maverick, which does not mean the Maverick ATVs but the thought and representation that it brings through its work and stand out in the crowd.

This is how the name Motor Mav represents its flame-

The thriving level of working procedure and the thrilling performance outcome from each of the shared info just like the Can-Am Mavericks show their off-road performance beast.

Meet the Motor Mav Team Working All Day Long Not Less Than an Engine

The long-awaited time has now come to an end as we will be meeting the Motor Mav team, who play the heart role for this site like an engine does.

Well, you see that an engine is the heart ofany motor vehicle. And engine parts help run the engine smoothly without interruption and help in the car’s overall performance.

Similarly,the Motor Mav team plays the role likethe engine, and the team members working in synchronization help ignite the entire site run and bring out the real value to aid you all.

  Each team member chosen for this site is experienced from different sectors, which on the whole, meet all the performance boost-up needs.

At first, let’s meet the core 3 members of the team without whom the entire team combustion will fail to accelerate.

Well, they are the core members playing avital role from finding the right track to giving the final touch to ensure each task’s smooth and complete cycle.

Apart from them, some other value-adding members are working for this site to ensure you get the right information with better emission.They are-

  1. Zain Mark- Diagnostic Technician
  2. Kelvin Dakota- Author
  3. Jemie Johnson- Vehicle Exhaust & Body Expert
  4. Joe Wattson- Author & Part-Time Mechanic
  5. Eng. Okolo Mokwena- Mechanical Engineer & Author
  6. Joseph Akintan Jegede- Author
  7. Smith Ben- Author & OBD Code Expert

Know about Motor Mav Workflow

Apart from knowing the team, you must have been curious to know how MotorMav works. Right? And so, we thought of sharing some of the glimpses of our workflow so that you can have some relief knowing what you are getting and how you are getting it.

Before each article or topic is presented to you, it goes through some of the steps to be curated and guided by the proper gear in the proper tracks.

And Motor Mav work process is nothing like this-

How Each ArticleIs Being Curated Before Going Live!

We know how it feels when it’s about fixing or replacing a motor part, and getting the right parts on the right track is crucial in this case. And an inch amount of carelessness can put risk to even one’s life. So, as much as possible, we deal with every action with care and perfection.

The first phase to each of the articles we publish is to step for the research to each core topic and queries you ask for. One-fourth part of our team dives into research from around the web and some practical and handy experiences. And gather all the raw data and sources we can find as long as possible from our end.

While completing the research part, some of our team members go for field work and gather some real-life experienced data, and even sometimes our team talks with different vehicle manufacturers supporting members like Ford and GMC to ensure critical data accuracy to give you the exact fixing and fitment ideas.

The next task that starts right after the research completion is making the words live by filling and placing them with exact data.

The next step is proofreading,which is done by our proofreader and editor team.

Finally, checking and giving the final touch, each article goes for getting live. And the entire work process is monitored by the site manager.

This just continues completing cycle one after another like the ignition works inside the combustion chamber and creates and passes the spark energy through the entire motor parts to keep your vehicle running smooth.

We Don’t Just Provide Info, Add Value to Each Word

The motto and vision of Motor Mav are not just sharing the right info with others but also aiding people in maintaining their beloved vehicle in the right ride with the right parts.

Our expert team members sometimes add value to critical content by sharing tips and suggestions with you. And this is where Motor Mav plays a notable role.

However, in some cases, our team conducts different parts manufacturers like Autozone, Motorcraft, Napa, and different parts repair teams offline or online to ensure you get the proper ride no matter how serious the issue meets your vehicle.

Apart from just repairing and fixing parts, you can enjoy car tuning hacks and tricks to rev up your car off-road or on the road according to your limits.

And you might not get in touch with such revealing from your local mechanics.

We can even help you DIY your own car no matter if you have zero knowledge of motor vehicles and their functions.

Things You Will Find In Motor Mav

Here comes another part that is most awaited, which represents Motor Mav. Yeah, you might be interested in knowing our limit and coverage.

And we would like to proudly inform you that our topics cover everything from passenger cars to cargo trucks, SUVs to sedans, bikes to small-stroke engine vehicles.

Besides, we also have more or less for you if you are an off-road beast freak and suggestions for tuning your ATVs or UTVS; you will find assistance from Motor Mav technician experts.

A S Pattinson

Giving you the bunches can be as follows-

  • Passenger Cars
  • All sized trucks
  • Towing cargo vehicles
  • SUVs
  • Sedan
  • Vans
  • Cabs
  • ATVs
  • UTVs
  • Wagons
  • Motorcycle
  • RVs

If we provide a tiny shout-out to the list, whether it’s about fixing any parts or replacing the whole unit, you will find us interpreting them as the simplest guide with the safest tools ever.

However, our topics also cover the modern car computer tuning and fixing guides.

And to talk about brands from Ford to Harley Davidson and Honda to GMC, we have solutions and guide for everything.

M A Susama

Well, some popular and renowned covering brands are-

And if it’s about getting the right parts or an idea of the right parts, or saving your bucks with some DIY ideas instead of getting robbed by the high-priced local garages.

Why Trust Us?

Oh, the critical moment comes here where you find yourself in the bank of whether this side or that side- meaning, should you trust us or not?

Okay, in that case, let us help you a bit with some life cycle that each of the Motor Mav articles goes through-

  • We collect and compare data not only from around the web but also from real-life practical garage mechanics
  • Motor Mav team does not only look for article presentation but the accuracy and safety in a guide
  • Our articles get the final publishing tag only after passing the tests of 3 levels-

                           1) Data accuracy test

                           2) Understandable & straightforward language and word-reflecting test

                           3) Copyright-free, unique and creative data output

  • In critical topics like a rear main exhaust seal leak issue, brake caliper noise, unsuitable rim, or different OBD codes clearance, we cross-check data with the help of our technician and, after that, finalize the articles.
  • For data-specific topics like getting the right wheel lug pattern or knowing the exact towing limit of an HD pickup truck, we recheck and match the data with the manufacturer manual guide and manufacturer and dealers list.

Besides, you are a long-time user, unlike us or anyone else. And so, you can help us by sharing more from your side and help the world by supporting us.

How Motor Mav Is A Way Ahead Than Others?

Well, some of the crucial steps make this site authentic and far ahead of others. And do you know how?

Because Motor Mav does not only care about offering massive guides; it cares about quality, safety, and authenticity.

We know how your vehicle can put your or your dear one’s life at risk, and so our team members are working together today for bringing the best tomorrow even by thinking in the best and safest way!


Motor Mav Team