2 Process Explained for 2nd Gen Cummins Hood Stack Piping

How does your hood stack on 2nd gen Cummins truck? You can do it by making a custom 180* box type deal off your vehicle’s exhaust housing with a 90* up, a 90* over, and a 4 inches pipe. This pipe can clear all A/C lines, factory heater, battery location, etc.

If you want to know more about the 2nd gen Cummins hood stack piping, you should check this entire article. Here, we will also discuss some DIY processes for stacking the exhaust pipe on the 2nd generation Dodge Cummins truck.

2nd Gen Cummins Hood Stack Piping

You can use a 24v Cummins hood stack kit for stacking the exhaust pipe on the 3rd generation Dodge Cummins truck. Hood stacks are not legal in most states in the United States. It is because a hood stack is a big impedance to your vision when you are driving. Also, it can make a lot of noise, and smoke can come inside the car, which is dangerous for your health.

How do you make a Cummins Hood stack?” is a common question among many people. If you are also among those people, then you can make a Dodge Cummins hood stack that comes off the exhaust housing, making a 180* turn to the passenger side of the turbo and then up. You need to use a 4 inches exhaust pipe for this.

You have to stack the exhaust pipe and a 90-degree hood stack elbow together. Also, the hood stack needs to be 3 ft tall. A user of the Cummins Forum said in a forum regarding this. He said,

“If I had a hood stack it would have to be about 3ft tall or I would never be able to see out of the windshield.”

In this guide, we will discuss two processes regarding stacking the exhaust pipe on the 2nd generation Dodge Cummins truck. Check below to know the details.

First Process

In this process, you will need a 90* section of pipe and a 3.5 inches flange. Then, use a v-band clamp to fasten it to your vehicle’s turbo exhaust flange. Also, make it sufficiently long, so it goes into the hood from 2 to 3 inches.

Then, you have to fabricate the 5 inches or 6 inches pipe and attach it to the hood. Hood stacks are generally 2 piece units. The portion sticking out of the hood is decoration and is just an extension.

Second Process

You will need a stack 90*, an elbow, a 4-5 inches adapter, 4 and 5 inches exhaust clamp and a turbo flange lip in this process. The stack 90* will cost you $50, the elbow’s price is $20, the adapter will cost you $14, both exhaust clamps will cost you $10 each, and the turbo flange lip’s price is $10.

First, you need to route the 90* elbow with flange into the 4-5 inches adapter by welding it. Then, you have to crank down the exhaust clamps. Now, climb right up on your hood and cut it by using a circular saw or plasma cutter. Make sure that you cut a sufficiently large hole to clear the stack once the hood is completely open.

After that, mount your stack to your vehicle’s turbo and then crank down the v-clamp by holding them together. Make sure that your hood hole is cut sufficiently large to clear the stack during opening and closing. The next step is to give the hood stack a fresh coat of paint. After the paint dries, you are required to put the hood stack in the hood hole and crank everything down.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you stack a 12-valve Cummins hood?

You can use a 12 valve Cummins hood stack kit for stacking a hood stack on your 12 valve Dodge Cummins truck. To do that, you need to flip your vehicle’s turbo and manifold around. After that, you are required to run a 90* off the rear of your vehicle’s turbo up over the hood. You can install the hood stack over the top of the turbo or beside it.

How do you stack a diesel truck?

To stack a diesel truck, firstly attach the stack to the hood and separate it once you open the hood. In this way, you do not need to have a big hood hole or put a lift off the hood. Then, just install another stack that stays on the vehicle’s turbo.

How do you make a truck stack?

To make a stuck truck, firstly, make a hole on the bed over your truck’s exhaust pipe running to the rear of the truck. Then, cut the pipe so once you slide an elbow on the end point of the pipe, it’s focused at the bed opening. Then built a Y by using 2 elbows to divide the exhaust into the stacks. Finally, you are required to mount the Y you built to the elbow.


A trending topic to the 2nd generation Dodge Cummins truck users is 2nd gen Cummins hood stack piping. These people mainly want to know how to stack the exhaust pipe on a 2nd generation Dodge Cummins truck. However, finding the answer to this question is quite difficult. There is not a good amount of information available on the internet regarding this.

To solve your difficulties, we have discussed two processes of stacking the exhaust pipe on a 2nd generation Dodge Cummins truck in this article. We are hopeful that after reading this article, now you can easily do this task without professional help.

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