1 Gallon Of Gas In 32 Gallons Of Diesel: Can You Mix Them Up?

What happens if you put 1 gallon of gas in 32 gallons of diesel engine? It can cause troubles like damaging shock waves, engines, fuel pumps, and injectors.

For your information, diesel engines aren’t designed to run on gasoline. Apart from that, gas is solvent, while diesel is oil. So, by mixing them, you can put your vehicle in danger. But if you use a small amount of gas with diesel, it won’t cause any damage.

That said, let’s learn how much gas you can use in combination with diesel to ride your favorite vehicle through this content. Buckle up & let’s get started.

1 Gallon Of Gas In 32 Gallons Of Diesel: Will It Create Any Trouble?

If you wonder whether you can use gas in a diesel engine or not, here is the answer. According to researchers, a small amount of 1% gas can lower the diesel flash point by 18 degrees C.

That means the diesel can ignite the engine prematurely, leading to engine damage. This mixture can also damage the fuel pump and diesel injectors. In short, your engine will be in a great mess.

Now let’s describe if you can use 1 gallon of gas in 32 gallons of diesel tank. Before answering this question, let’s first talk about how much 1 gallon of gas is equivalent to 32 gallons of diesel.

Well, if we convert 1 gallon into liters, we will find 3.78 liters. That means 32 gallons of diesel will be around 121 liters after the conversion, and 3.78 liters of gas is more than 3% of 121 liters of diesel.

Hence, it’s evident that you can’t use 1 gallon of gas in 32 gallons of diesel engine because, according to the statement, using 1% of gas can damage your diesel engine.

Will 1 Gallon Of Gas Hurt A Diesel Engine?

If you have 32 gallons of diesel tank and pour 1 gallon of gas into the tank, it can hurt the diesel engine. In contrast, if your vehicle has a big diesel fuel tank of 100 gallons, it won’t cause severe damage.

However, according to some users, 1% does nto hurt much but more than 1% can be a threat to your engine.

How Much Is 1 Gallon Of Gas?

The cost of a gallon of gas in the United States fluctuates depending upon varied factors. But the average cost remains under $6; currently, a gallon of gas will cost you around $4.32, according to AAA.

How Much Is Gas Safe To Use In A Diesel Engine?

A small amount of gas won’t cause any serious trouble, but 1% of gas or more than that amount can cause catastrophic engine damage. Hence, we recommend not to use gasoline in diesel cars, and even if you intend to use gasoline, try to pour a small amount of less than 1% of gas into your diesel tank to avoid any danger.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will 1 Gallon Of Gas Hurt A Diesel?

It depends on the diesel quantity; if you mix 1 gallon of gas with 100 gallons of diesel, it won’t cause any severe damage, but if you use a small amount of diesel, such as 32 gallons, it can affect your vehicle’s engine.

How Long Will A Diesel Engine Run On Gasoline?

Unfortunately, you can’t run a diesel engine on gasoline because this engine type is incompatible with gasoline fuel. For your information, gasoline creates a massive explosion that diesel engines can’t handle.

Will A Small Amount Of Gas Hurt A Diesel Engine?

It depends on how much you consider a small amount. If the gas portion is less than 1%, your diesel engine will be safe from chaos. Otherwise, you must prepare to bring your vehicle to a repair workshop nearby.

What Happens If You Mix A Little Gas With Diesel?

If you mix more than 1% of gas with diesel, it will offset the molecular balance; the flash point will change, the fuel pump and diesel injectors will be damaged, and the computer sensors will fail. In short, your vehicle will be in serious trouble.

How Much Money Are 32 Gallons Of Gas?

The gas cost can vary from state to state; for example, in California, you may need to spend up to $6 for one gallon of gas. However, the cost of 32 gallons of gas can range from $139 up to $195.


Although it’s possible to put 1 gallon of gas in 32 gallons of diesel, the consequences will be unbearable, and no riders would like to cause any harm to their diesel engines. So, if you plan to use a mixture of gasoline and diesel for your diesel engine, you should think again.

We recommend using only diesel for diesel engines and gasoline for gasoline engines; swapping is restricted. And only a tiny amount of gas or diesel mix is advisable. However, we hope this content provides new and reliable information; keep visiting our website for more exciting content like this one.

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